A Bunch of Board Games You Should Play

A year ago, my friend and former blog partner Joe (a.k.a. J-Unit) had a bachelor party up in Lake Tahoe. It was a pretty fun bro weekend full of beer pong, barbecuing, and a forest fire (unrelated to the barbecuing). With the area full of smoke, we spent a lot of time indoors, and thankfully […]

How To Pub Crawl for 12 Hours in Downtown LA

Your guide to some of Downtown LA’s best bars: divey hole-in-the-walls, swanky rooftop escapes, artsy biergartens, and much more…

Currywurst Arrives In Los Angeles!

When I went to Germany three and a half years ago with my friends jash and m_ruv, I returned with an undying love for currywurst, a local street food in Berlin that combines sausage and curried ketchup. Some vendors sell it with bratwurst, others with bockwurst, and quite frankly there are many heated arguments (according […]

GOOGLE BUZZ: Yea or Neigh?

Google launched its new, horrific service Google Buzz today, which is basically all the fun of Facebook, but without the architecture. Or structure. Or lack of chaos. In short, it’s like a chat room with no walls. A total and complete inundation of commentary that sprawls and grows faster than the most insidious of weeds. […]


Impressed by my ever involved Adventures in Domesticity, my mother last month gave me two Julia Child cookbooks: Julia Child & Company and Julia Child & More Company. My mom, who likes to call herself C-Side, explained to me that more than any other tomes, these two cookbooks elevated her culinary education. This was all […]

Cat Magnets Provide Delightful Afternoon Fun

A most welcome surprise came for me this afternoon: a friend of mine sent me an early, unexpected birthday gift. But this wasn’t any ordinary gift. It was Dress-Up Cat Magnets. And yes, it’s exactly as it sounds. In honor of these new magnets, I decided to craft several cats in the likeness of their […]