A most welcome surprise came for me this afternoon: a friend of mine sent me an early, unexpected birthday gift. But this wasn’t any ordinary gift. It was Dress-Up Cat Magnets. And yes, it’s exactly as it sounds.
In honor of these new magnets, I decided to craft several cats in the likeness of their B-Side Blog counterparts. The results after the jump…




Malibu Judie.jpg
Malibu Judie (guitar and bongos — because she’s a multi-tasker)


Wow. I really did just blog about cat magnets.

7 replies on “Cat Magnets Provide Delightful Afternoon Fun”

  1. Thanks for reminding me of the Statue of David dress up magnets we had a long time ago! I had forgotten about them.
    Also, I really enjoyed your road trip pictures. The mountains and lake made me want to escape the flatness of Florida.

  2. OMG I still have the David dress up magnets and Venus de Milo and even Jackie Kennedy dress up magnets now I want the cat dress up magnets!!

  3. Ha! Fun and clever. Now my cats are jealous and want the same.
    I told them when they start cleaning their own litter box the can get dressed up.

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