Casper Mattress: Unfurling The Dream!

Back in 2002, I stepped into the hallowed halls of a certain mattress retailer named Sit ‘n’ Sleep. It was time for me to graduate from the janky futon I had been sleeping on for the past year and learn what it meant to be an adult. Or at least, a young adult. I was […]

Adventures in San Francisco!

A few weeks ago I headed up to San Francisco where I saw a bunch of my friends, including blog regulars Meeshie, Malibu Judie, and even IndianJones. The weekend was full of all sorts of high adventure including waterfalls, ice cream, and trail mix. Okay, so not much adventure. But neat photos! After the jump, […]

ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: CBTL Winner Crowned with Coffee-Inspired Short Ribs and Pork Skewers

About a month ago, I posted yet another contest on this blog imploring readers to submit recipes with the chance to win a free CBTL Kaldi single serve coffee machine. The rules were simple: enter a coffee or tea-inspired dish, and the winning recipe (as judged by an elite panel of tasters) would win the […]

Introducing The Coolest T-Shirt Ever (If I Do Say So Myself)

IndianJones with our custom t-shirts. Once a year, the fine (and entirely way too cold and rainy) city of San Francisco hosts a race called Bay To Breakers, wherein several people run across the city… and everyone else dresses up in costumes and drinks their asses off. I’d heard from my friend IndianJones that it […]


I’ve been on a small ice cream kick lately ever since I procured David Lebovitz’s food bible, The Perfect Scoop. Actually, it had been more of a chocolate sorbet kick, but last week I decided to elevate my game with an attempt at mint ice cream. It’s difficult for me to have ice cream without […]

I WANT: Sushi Burrito at Sushiritto

Image from Thrillist Someone — actually a friend of Malibu Judie’s, specifically — came up with the brilliant idea of rolling up a whole butt-load of sushi into a “burrito,” and I can assuredly say that I WANT IT. Unfortunately, Malibu Judie’s friend only sells these sushi burritos at Sushirrito, a new spot up in […]

FLIGHT LIVE BLOG: Spirits In The Sky!

Well, here I am again on a trans-con flight with nothing but time on my hands. I was planning on doing something useful like work on my script or write a Jersey Shore photocap, but this flight has proven to be something of an amusing farce so far. I must live blog the events because […]


As readers of this blog may know, my friends and I are ardent fans of gathering and making drinks together, specifically of the handcrafted variety. It’s a ritual we creatively call “Fresh Cocktail Hour.” I’ve only documented a few of these forays into mixology on this blog (see examples here, here, and here), but I […]

GOOGLE BUZZ: Yea or Neigh?

Google launched its new, horrific service Google Buzz today, which is basically all the fun of Facebook, but without the architecture. Or structure. Or lack of chaos. In short, it’s like a chat room with no walls. A total and complete inundation of commentary that sprawls and grows faster than the most insidious of weeds. […]