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Someone — actually a friend of Malibu Judie’s, specifically — came up with the brilliant idea of rolling up a whole butt-load of sushi into a “burrito,” and I can assuredly say that I WANT IT. Unfortunately, Malibu Judie’s friend only sells these sushi burritos at Sushirrito, a new spot up in San Francisco. Now, this may sound like a shilling post, but I have never met Malibu Judie’s friend. I simply want everyone to go to Sushirrito so that it becomes popular enough to either spread down to LA or at least inspire some knock-offs.

Luckily, regional mini-chain Niko Niko Sushi does offer the Superman Burrito, which is a longstanding favorite of mine (a bunch of fish wrapped in rice and soy paper), but I yearn for something more. Something like… SUSHIRRITO.

Okay, I am clearly starving and just typing out this post because I’m in a demented state of mind. Please, Bay Area folks, help my Sushirrito dreams come to life.

Check out a nifty article about the restaurant here (thanks to IndianJones for the heads up!).

6 replies on “I WANT: Sushi Burrito at Sushiritto”

  1. haven’t been but heard the lines are OUT THE DOOR & the wait is (was) about 45minutes when they opened.

    will report back if I get over yonder to eat me one!

  2. I went there last week and had to wait in line for over an hour! Tasty, but not worth an hour plus wait. Hopefully the popularity dies down or they make the line move faster so I can try it again.

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