Google launched its new, horrific service Google Buzz today, which is basically all the fun of Facebook, but without the architecture. Or structure. Or lack of chaos. In short, it’s like a chat room with no walls. A total and complete inundation of commentary that sprawls and grows faster than the most insidious of weeds. And best of all, with each comment that’s made in Google Buzz (and I assure you the service encourages and allows for many, many comments), we get a new email alert EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s crazy.
Nevertheless, when my posse took to Google Buzz earlier this morning, things went sour very, very quickly. Note the screen shot above from two buzz convos, courtesy of me, IndianJones, Malibu Judie, m_ruv, and jash. This was only the tip of the iceberg.
Have you tried Google Buzz? What do you think about it? Worthwhile service or redundant Twitter-Facebook mashup?

5 replies on “GOOGLE BUZZ: Yea or Neigh?”

  1. Yes, the photos are blurred and some of the wording is blanked out.
    They really need to fix that. 🙂

  2. They managed to give me the “introduction” page not once, but twice, when I was desperately trying to check my email on a bad wireless in Kangding – no thanks!
    (In other news, our blog is apparently not deemed offensive by the Great Firewall of China 🙂

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