A few weeks ago I headed up to San Francisco where I saw a bunch of my friends, including blog regulars Meeshie, Malibu Judie, and even IndianJones. The weekend was full of all sorts of high adventure including waterfalls, ice cream, and trail mix. Okay, so not much adventure. But neat photos!

After the jump, check out some pics from the trip, as well as a few, brief restaurant notes…

The first part of any San Francisco adventure: getting gas on the drive north. Exciting things happening here.

Of course, I Instagrammed the rest area to make it look more like vintage Americana. It’s important to be as pretentious as possible whilst in the middle of nowhere.

Speaking of nowhere, it’s time to get back on the road.

Blah blah blah, I made it to SF where a big hike was planned out. I would be joining Meeshie, Malibu Judie and several others on a jaunt to some waterfalls near Point Reyes, CA. Naturally, I headed to CVS to bulk up on supplies: water and trail mix. I purchased both the classic trail mix and the peanut butter variety. I can now state with authority that the classic variety is the way to go. TRUST.

Off to Point Reyes by way of the Golden Gate Bridge. Been across it dozens of times, but it never fails to amaze.

Here we go! (Malibu Judie was driving, btw)

You guys, it’s so landmarky!

About an hour later, we wind up at our hike. Tall trees abound.

And here’s the ocean.

Me doing the Limbo under a fallen tree. There’s also a 65% chance I was experiencing the Rapture.

After an hour of marching along trails and having some close encounters with poison oak, we finally arrive at our destination: Alamere Falls! Also, the beach!

In order to get to the waterfalls, we must descend a mildly perilous cliff. Of course, when it comes to me, every surface is mildly perilous.

SPOTTED: a waterfall! Pretty, but kind of small. We hiked all the way here for THIS PIECE OF SH*T???

Oh wait. Another waterfall. Even smaller than the first. I mean, I might as well have gone to a miniature golf course.

This is what we had descended. We’re so awesome.

The waterfalls. Malibu Judie waves.

As you can see, the waterfalls flow toward a cliff, and from there we can only imagine what happens next (hint: it involves water falling).

At the cliff’s edge. Time to chase some waterfalls. We don’t stick to the rivers and the lakes that we’re used to.

More perilous descent. This time with bonus peril! It was a little scary.

Ah, but look what awaits us at the bottom of said perilous descent!

The Pacific!

And BIG waterfalls!


That’s pretty kewl.

The beach was not without its dangers. Here Meeshie and her boyfriend attempt to ford a trickling brook.

Things get tense when they’re momentarily stranded on an island amidst the rapids.

A moment of bravery.


Out of nowhere: horses!

Let’s make this more scenic, shall we?

We take an alternate path back. Wildflowers are involved.

FIELDS of wildflowers, I tell you!

Soft rays of sunshine pierce the canopy. It kind of feels like Twilight.

The alternate path adds an extra hour to our hike. By the time we reach the high cliffs over the ocean, it’s late afternoon.

The beauty of the Pacific was trumped only by our massive cravings for food, particularly cheeseburgers.

Don’t look down.

At long last, we finish our hike and head to The Pelican Inn in Muir Beach. I’m amused by the “Arf and Arf” drink selection. It’s a miracle I can even read. All I see are cheeseburgers in my eyes.

But in a SHOCKING turn of events, the Pelican Inn has NO BURGERS. I opt for a delicious banger and mash option instead. Malibu Judie wins big with a tasty bowl of mussels, pictured darkly here.

Thanks to me being ravenous and partially delirious, I forget to take pics of my food. So instead just look at this vinegar and pretend like you see a lot of British food on the table.

We all definitely dug the Pelican Inn. But dammit we still wanted burgers. Oh well.

Back to the city…

Sunday morning. Time to visit The Presidio, home to many things, including a dozen of those zippy, little, yellow cars that San Franciscans love renting.

Rumor was that we could get foie gras in The Presidio because it’s actually a military base, and therefore not California land. Sadly, we saw no foie gras.

For brunch, Meeshie and I meet our high school friend at The Presidio Social Club. The ladies enjoy a kale salad, which is tasty, but somewhat overpriced. I, however, indulge on some chilaquiles. Fresh ingredients, slightly under-seasoned, but overall a solid dish that leaves me happy.

After brunch, Meeshie and I amble down to the Palace of Fine Arts, as one does.

We don’t actually go IN the Palace of Fine Arts. I mean, that’s just ridiculous.

Please enjoy your daily dose of Corinthian order.

I have nothing to say. I just think it’s pretty.

A beach in the middle of San Francisco? Who knew? (Probably San Franciscans)

Okay, listen up to this part. After our tromping around on the beach, Meeshie and I began to crave ice cream and froyo. Yelp led us first to Tuttimelon on Chestnut Street. DO NOT GO TO TUTTIMELON ON CHESTNUT STREET. I believe Meeshie paid $8 for her froyo (HIGHWAY ROBBERY). I opted for gelato, which tasted like Dryer’s ice cream. Plus, the place was overrun by screaming babies and awful parents. I repeat NEVER GO TO TUTTIMELON. After this horrific experience, Meeshie and I noticed people walking about holding strange, intriguing cups of gelato from Yogorino. We had to investigate.

Yogorino was like the polar opposite of Tuttimelon (NEVER GO THERE). It was calm, quiet, and instantly inviting. In fact, they had a wheel of gelato. You heard me correctly: a wheel of gelato. Even though we had JUST eaten frozen treats at Tuttimelon (a.k.a. THE WORST), we felt compelled to replace those vile memories with new ones from Yogorino. So glad we did. Yogorino was ten times better. A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER. And cheaper! It saved the day.

As we ambled out of Yogorino at 4 PM, Meeshie and I were all smiles. Then we checked our email and discovered there’d be a group dinner in the Mission at 5, a.k.a. in an hour. Woops. (Early dinner due to Meeshie’s impending flight back to NY). Anyway, we wound up at a Peruvian place called “Limón.” Affordable prices, very tasty fare — a great final dinner. We all enjoyed.

Elsewhere in The Mission, I highly suggest that the proprietor of this business reconsider capitalizing the “R” in its name.

Two things are going on here. First: I’m wearing a V-Neck. Yes. It does happen. But fear not: I’ve been punished by the sun gods, who have given me a v-shaped farmer’s tan that still persists three weeks later. Second, I’m holding ice cream. You see, over dinner, someone made mention of Humphry Slocombe, a funky ice cream parlor in The Mission. With flavors such as Secret Breakfast (bourbon and corn flakes), we just had to try it. So off we went for our third ice cream adventure in about four hours. Needless to say, everything I tasted was amazing. I demand a return trip (with more aggressive photo documentation).

Monday morning. A McGriddle off the highway followed by a five hour trek. A successful trip all around. Huzzah!

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  1. Now, THAT is the kind of photo story from Ben I keep coming back here for!
    Well done and very entertaining.

  2. Yes, that was a great post. Lots of info, pics, and personality! And I will NEVER go to Tuttimelon…

  3. ugh, the marina.

    come to Oakland & I’ll make you chilaquiles that’ll keep you in NorCal FOREVER.

  4. Great pics — especially of the food! During your return trip we will hang out in my neighborhood (Twin Peaks) and/or the Castro for a Greg Bennett (of RHONJ fame) sighting. I still see him out and about on a somewhat regular basis…

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