Just days after several ’80s teen icons were resurrected at the Oscars, one of that era’s most famous teen idols has died. Corey Haim passed away at 38 today after struggling for years with addiction and drug abuse. Sad news indeed. Is it bad that my first instinct is to wonder if he’ll make it into the Academy’s In Memoriam montage? What? It’s a current debate! (Farrah Fawcett, anybody??)
Anyway, more information on this tragic turn of events here.
(Thanks to m_ruv for the heads up)

5 replies on “DEAD CELEBRITIES: Corey Haim Edition”

  1. I thought the same thing about him being included in the Oscar’s montage! I think it’s just because I’ve been hearing about it everywhere re: Farrah Fawcett.

  2. That was my first thought as well. Must be genetic.
    Then I was thinking about which Corey Haim they would use. Lost Boys, License to Drive, Lucas, or the Two Coreys?
    I know, I know. Not all that clever with the nickname.

  3. b-cuz, you realize that were are somewhat linked to Corey as our very own cousin played his dad in License to Drive.
    It’s a stretch, but sometimes you gotta take what you can get.

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