Destroyed by ‘LA Times THE TASTE’ – In The Best Possible Way

Welp, it’s Friday, and I’ve finally emerged from a six day food coma that would make Rip Van Winkle look like an insomniac. Sure, I’ve been technically “awake” and “interacting” with people, but I think we can all agree that food coma is sometimes a state of mind — one often brought on by a […]

Inside The Grey Goose Le Melon Party

We are in the throes of summer, and what better way to celebrate it by drinking (unless you’re sober, in which case that is a TERRIBLE IDEA). Conveniently, Grey Goose has just debuted a new melon variety of its much lauded vodka, and to celebrate this joyous occasion, Urban Daddy threw a party earlier this […]

Tequila Adventures at Soho House

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged about cocktails (and it’s been an even hotter minute since I stated a blog by saying “It’s been a hot minute…”). Nevertheless, I’m here to buck the trend. Last night, my friend IndianJones and I attended a “tasting bout” sponsored by Tequila Herrandura and UrbanDaddy at Los […]

THIS IS REAL: Introducing the Silent Disco

I love a ridiculous fad, and Los Angeles is home to many of them (remember oxygen bars and pitch black restaurants?). Over the weekend, I stumbled upon my first ever Silent Disco, a unique party wherein participants can only hear music by donning wireless headsets. In other words, it’s the most antisocial conceit of all […]

How To Pub Crawl for 12 Hours in Downtown LA

Your guide to some of Downtown LA’s best bars: divey hole-in-the-walls, swanky rooftop escapes, artsy biergartens, and much more…

Random Lisa VanderPump Mingling of the Day

Over the weekend, I was invited to the GLAAD Hancock Park: Top Chef Invasion event here in Los Angeles, which featured several Top Chef alums as well as notable local chefs (Kerry Simon, Susan Feniger, e.g.). However, the real draw for me was Real Housewife Lisa VanderPump, who continues to be my favorite cast member […]

Random Pictures from the Los Angeles Times Rock/Style 2011 Party

If you’re looking for pictures of a pool, you’ve come to the right place because that’s what you’re about to see. Last week, I dropped by the Los Angeles Times Rock/Style event at the Roosevelt Hotel hosted by Jay Sean (famous for placing the phrase “Baby are you down, down, down, down, down” in my […]

B-Side Blog Attends Nylon Young Hollywood Party, Feels Old

There’s never a dull moment in Hollywood it seems, and last night was no exception. Nylon Magazine held its annual “Young Hollywood” Party, and given that I am the paragon of the young Hollywood ideal, it seemed like the logical thing for me to attend this bash. Joining me were two of my lady lovers, […]

Inside the Painted Nail Spring Launch Party

A few nights ago, my friend Katie had a party to celebrate the launch of her new Painted Nail products, and so my crew (IndianJones and Phamtastic) and I all trekked on over to see what the hullaballoo was about. Here’s the thing: when Katie throws a party, you go. Last time I dropped by […]