A few nights ago, my friend Katie had a party to celebrate the launch of her new Painted Nail products, and so my crew (IndianJones and Phamtastic) and I all trekked on over to see what the hullaballoo was about. Here’s the thing: when Katie throws a party, you go. Last time I dropped by one of her events, I got a picture with Maria Conchita Alonso. ‘Nuff said.

Anyway, for those of you who aren’t familiar, Katie runs a much-lauded nail salon here in Los Angeles, and soon it shall be featured prominently on the TV Guide reality show The Nail Files, starring Katie and her boyfriend Walter. I’m happy to report the cameras were rolling at the party, which means my burgeoning side career of appearing briefly in the background of reality shows continues to thrive. (Stay tuned to Bravo for more on that front)

After the jump, a few random pics from the event…

Posing on the red carpet with the lovely Erin Murphy.

This lovely lady was none other than Shanna McLaughlin, Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for July 2010. She was incredibly sweet, and I can say authoritatively that she put IndianJones into quite the tizzy. But he played it cool…

Katie poses in a t-shirt that someone gave her. Note the emerald tutu.

Phamtastic poses with Bridget Marquardt, who certainly knows how to work her angles for the camera. Also, she stared at IndianJones at one point. Do I hear wedding bells?

Katie hams it up as usual.

A look inside the salon. And if your Carnie-Wilson-dar is pinging, that’s because the singer is in the foreground.

The End.

Thanks Katie!

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  1. Also there: Melissa Rivers, Shayne & Lorenzo Lamas & Erik Estrada. Lorenzo wanted a pedicure & they said ‘No’. Shanna went up to Bridget & said ‘Hi, I’ve always wanted to meet you. I’m Miss July & we both live in Sherman Oaks!’

  2. Does anyone know if the red carpet pictures were posted somewhere? I’d love to find mine.

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