BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #69: Government Shutdown! New Britney Spears Video! Moby Dick!

You guys, this was a good one…. There’s only one podcast on earth that can discuss the government shutdown, Britney Spears’s new video, and Moby Dick without skipping a beat. We discuss all that and more on this latest episode of “Banter with Ben and Lisa.” Also going into the banter blender: “Gravity,” ghost tours […]

VIDEO: The Inevitable Justin Bieber Christmas Song, ‘Mistletoe,’ Arrives

It’s mid-October, and Christmas season has officially begun! Actually, it began in late September when I saw the first glimpses of Yuletide trinkets at Ikea, but I digress. The point is that musical genius Justin Bieber has released a Christmas song called “MIstletoe,” and the best way to describe it is Jason Mraz lite, except […]

VIDEO: See Lisa VanderPump In an ’80s Music Video

When you have a husband with a Duran Duran hairstyle, it’s inevitable that you have a few New Wave skeletons in your closet. Such is the case for Lisa VanderPump, who as it turns out plays the female lead in the video for ABC’s seminal ’80s tune, “Poison Arrow.” Don’t remember the song? Or Lisa’s […]

Who Sings ‘Whoa’ Better: Britney or Ke$ha?

An argument can be made that all pop music sounds the same. I don’t personally believe that, but when hearing the two current singles “Blow” by Ke$ha and “Till the World Ends” by Britney Spears, it’s hard to argue against it. After all, both tunes feature a chorus laden with exultant, syncopated “Whoa” sounds that […]

Rebecca Black Tells All!

This FRIDAY FRIDAY viral video star Rebecca Black appeared on Good Morning America, which has built a strong track record of nabbing interviews with YouTube celebrities. The young singer responds to critics who have called her song of the worst of all time and proves that she actually isn’t that bad of a singer. The […]

ANTM Winner Resurfaces in New Steph Jones Video

When Salesha Stowers won America’s Next Top Model a few years ago, there was controversy about her title coming as a result of favoritism from Tyra Banks. After all, Salesha was a proud alumna of Tyra’s modeling camp (titled T-Zone), and many cynical types saw her victory as a sneaky marketing campaign for said camp. […]

The Top Thirty Modern Holiday Songs

(Didn’t make the cut) It’s that time of year again when people put up their Christmas lights and garlands and, in the case of Los Angeles, fake snow (it’s 75 degrees as of press time). One of the most beloved traditions of this time of year is the rash of Holiday music that takes over […]

VIDEO: CeeLo Releases An Official Music Video For “F**K You”

Two weeks ago, CeeLo took the web by storm when he released his new catchy, awesome single “Fuck You” on YouTube. Now he’s just revealed the official video, which brings all the song’s fiery zest to an old school diner, complete with a trio of backup singers à la Little Shop of Horrors. Check out […]