When Salesha Stowers won America’s Next Top Model a few years ago, there was controversy about her title coming as a result of favoritism from Tyra Banks. After all, Salesha was a proud alumna of Tyra’s modeling camp (titled T-Zone), and many cynical types saw her victory as a sneaky marketing campaign for said camp. Well, Salesha has had the last laugh with a rather active modeling career that now includes the lofty title “video girl.” In 2009, she appeared in a Robin Thicke clip, and now Salesha can be seen all sexy and sweaty with none other than my favorite R&B Twitter buddy Steph Jones. The two get up close and personal in his video for “Southern Love,” which has all the makings of classic baby-making music in the style of pre-cracked-out D’Angelo. Needless to say, it’s a touch steamy. So if you feel like getting your groove on in your office cubicle, enjoy the video. Fun times had by all I’m sure.