THE QUAFF: Classic Mojito Edition

A week ago, I attended a lovely Memorial Day BBQ at my friend’s house, and when I asked if I could bring anything, the hostess suggested that I bring some hard alcohol for summer cocktails. This immediately got my brain working: I knew I had mint in my fridge… and mint makes me think of […]

VIDEO: See Lisa VanderPump In an ’80s Music Video

When you have a husband with a Duran Duran hairstyle, it’s inevitable that you have a few New Wave skeletons in your closet. Such is the case for Lisa VanderPump, who as it turns out plays the female lead in the video for ABC’s seminal ’80s tune, “Poison Arrow.” Don’t remember the song? Or Lisa’s […]


Last week, after having purchased Organic, Shaken, and Stirred by Paul Abercrombie, I decided I would slowly make my way through the book, endeavoring to make at least one new cocktail a week. I started with a delicious basil margarita, which I’ve since made two more times to equally rave reviews. For this week’s cocktail, […]

Pics From Inside the 'Reality Matters' Party

For those of you reading this blog or following my Twitter, you know I’ve been shilling Reality Matters, the reality TV anthology that I have contributed to. Well, last night, there was a party at Les Deux for the book, and so of course I showed up all ready to preen around for the press […]