For those of you reading this blog or following my Twitter, you know I’ve been shilling Reality Matters, the reality TV anthology that I have contributed to. Well, last night, there was a party at Les Deux for the book, and so of course I showed up all ready to preen around for the press and whatnot. Turns out the press didn’t really care about me, but just because my ego had been trampled and raped and left for dead didn’t mean I couldn’t have a fantastic time. After all, there were reality-stars aplenty there. I busted out my camera and took photos with as many as I could (although, quite frankly, I missed the majority of them like Trishelle and Charlie O’Connell and a handful of others).

After the jump, check out my pics from the evening. Fun times had by all!


Me with Erin Murphy (a.k.a. Tabitha from Bewitched) and my friend Havarti. I believe former Bachelor Charlie O’Connell is in the background wearing plaid.


Will from Real World Hollywood. He was very cool. And nicely dressed!


Lydia and Michele from Big Brother 11. I really thought Lydia was gonna go off on me, but that all hinged on the narcissistic assumption that she had read my blog. Both women were very, very sweet and lots of fun.


Here’s me addressing the crowd, and yes, that IS Neil Strauss watching from afar, clearly transfixed.


After I talked about my essay, I then asked Lydia and Michele some questions about Big Brother, specifically — why were they so willing to put themselves through the scrutiny of the experience?


Here I am standing awkwardly (my specialty). I don’t know why I looked so suspicious. Perhaps I eyed Trishelle in the crowd about to do something unsavory.


Later, Santino Rice of Project Runway takes to the podium. His voice is quite booming, especially when augmented by a microphone.


A reality star posse: Will, Lydia, Michele, Santino, and Marc Marcuse (Average Joe)


BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!! (or at least for the next twenty minutes)


Me with my friend Nhanimal. Enthusiasm, etc.


Curiously enough, when the event ended at 10 PM, a throng of porn stars and rocker types entered the club. The transition from reality TV to porn was fairly seamless.


I didn’t know who these ladies were, but I just assumed they were in porn.


A typical sample of the crowd. There were also tons of roving paparazzi in the crowd.


This maybe-porn star (who I’ll name Lady Mammary) really did herself a disservice by thrusting her chest into me. As a result, you can’t quite see the full extent of her pneumatic assets. Trust me, they were robust.


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  1. “I didn’t know who these ladies were, but I just assumed they were in porn.”
    Yeah, that Hello Kitty necklace was a dead give-away.

  2. Hello Kitty is the new international sign for porn ladies? Damn now i have to clean out my costume jewelry collection, jeez ,,,,,,,,

  3. Can we talk about Santino’s hair? What the Hades is THAT all about. No way it’s a comb over; he’s been going to Britney’s weave shack.

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