Last week, after having purchased Organic, Shaken, and Stirred by Paul Abercrombie, I decided I would slowly make my way through the book, endeavoring to make at least one new cocktail a week. I started with a delicious basil margarita, which I’ve since made two more times to equally rave reviews. For this week’s cocktail, I decided to go a bit more exotic. Well, not exotic in terms of ingredients, but perhaps in terms of what one might order at a bar. I opted for the Jessica Rabbit, a libation that employs carrot juice and candied ginger. Ooooooooh. Color me intrigued.

Things start off with a ginger infused simple syrup. Pretty basic stuff: cup of sugar, cup of water, and some sliced ginger. I let that bubble away on low for about fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, I struggle to open a bag of Trader Joe’s Candied Ginger. My friend Havarti takes great pleasure in watching this as she snaps a photo of the debacle.

Eventually, I manage to liberate several pieces of captive ginger. They go at the bottom of my pitcher.

Here I am washing some basil with great concentration. One never wants to be too casual whilst rinsing herbs, after all.

In a shocking turn of events, the basil joins the garlic in the pitcher.

Muddling with gusto.

The syrup seems to be ready. It shall soon be drafted into action.

Havarti, meanwhile, takes a snap of her feet.

Joyfully, vodka enters the picture.

I’m brimming with anticipation.

Mo’ and mo’ muddlin’.

Now things get really interesting. The carrot juice has arrived.

It’s a party in this pitcher.

With the simple syrup now having cooled down a touch, I strain out the ginger and add it to the mix.

All this mixology has necessitated a wine break.

I then add ice and vermouth to the pitcher, shake it all up, and then pour the drinks into my lovely martini glasses.

Time for the taste test…


Another solid outing. And I think my vision has improved too!

THE VERDICT: Well, I truly loved the Jessica Rabbit; although, I must admit, it was met with a mixed reaction. Jash seemed to enjoy it also, but Sly was less of a fan (but it should be noted that Sly was in a rather hostile mood and seemed in dire need of tequila, not vodka). Two other drinkers with us also didn’t love the whole garden flavor going on (although, that’s what I enjoyed most). We all agreed it was a touch too sweet, which I attributed to perhaps issues in multiplying the amounts of ingredients to accommodate six people. The original recipe calls for half an ounce of simple syrup, but multiplied by six means three ounces, and alas, my measuring cup only has markings for two and four ounces. Basically, I’m a horrific eyeballer. And so I say don’t blame Jessica Rabbit. The drink’s not bad; it’s just mixed that way (Get it? Get it??).

The lesson learned here is that if you’re up for a unique carrot cocktail, this is a solid option.

Other proposed variations: swap out the candied ginger for regular or pickled ginger. Add some club to make it a fizz drink over ice.

16 replies on “COCKTAIL OF THE WEEK: Jessica Rabbit”

  1. Automatic win for the riff on the WFRR line. Favorite movie of all time.

    You should try a Lindsay Lohan (I enjoy them):

    -One part Jaegermeister.
    -One part Peach Schnapps
    -Cranberry Juice
    -Splash of Coke

    Pour over ice. Serve in a rocks glass.

    (It’s basically a redheaded slut with a splash of coke. Get it?)

  2. So basically to write an organic cookbook, you just take a regular cookbook and put the word “organic” in front of all the ingredients?

      1. They’re the only ones who can afford the organic ingredients now that they’re all on food stamps.

  3. Like Havarti’s toe nail polish is it OPI?

    The drink is a pretty color orange like Tang, the bottle of 409 on the counter, that’s not an ingredient is it?

  4. OMG. Sly and I tried another recipe tonight. I’ll post it as the cocktail of the week next week.

    Spoiler alert: IT WAS AMAZING.

  5. I’m wondering if you look like an oompa loompa today because of the extreme orange color of the drink.

  6. Not only did I like the wine break, I loved the 2nd straight appearance of Bud Light in the background during drink making. The picture of you “muddling with gusto” made my 9/02/10!

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