When you have a husband with a Duran Duran hairstyle, it’s inevitable that you have a few New Wave skeletons in your closet. Such is the case for Lisa VanderPump, who as it turns out plays the female lead in the video for ABC’s seminal ’80s tune, “Poison Arrow.” Don’t remember the song? Or Lisa’s role in the video? Fear not: it’s all above. Get ready for some sweet, sweet tunic action.

Thanks to Havarti for the heads up.

Via The Frisky

6 replies on “VIDEO: See Lisa VanderPump In an ’80s Music Video”

  1. NO WAY!!!!! I still love me some ABC!

    I remember the album cover – a deep shade of purpley-blue. & yes, I mean ALBUM and not a CD or mp3 file.

    1. Damn, I feel OLD. You may remember the album cover, but I HAVE the album (cover and all). And yeah, your recollection is spot on.

  2. Thanks B–I had a Michael Jackson song in my head all day long so this got it right out. I too still love ABC, so it’s a welcome change to “Smooth Criminal”…

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