It’s mid-October, and Christmas season has officially begun! Actually, it began in late September when I saw the first glimpses of Yuletide trinkets at Ikea, but I digress. The point is that musical genius Justin Bieber has released a Christmas song called “MIstletoe,” and the best way to describe it is Jason Mraz lite, except with more uses of the word “Shawty.” But the worst part of all is that it’s actually kiiiiind of catchy.

Nevertheless, the video, above, is a generic piece of work filled with Bieber, looking more Hilary Swankish than ever, spending most of his time standing on an empty street woefully underdressed as snow comes down. In fact, everyone in the video seems to be entirely too warm considering the wintry mix descending upon them. People, IT’S BELOW FREEZING. PUT A JACKET ON. Also the distinct lack of holiday sweaters (see the fashions of “Last Christmas”) is highly offensive.

I give this entry in the holiday oeuvre a distinct EH. What about you?

5 replies on “VIDEO: The Inevitable Justin Bieber Christmas Song, ‘Mistletoe,’ Arrives”

  1. I give this entry on your blog a distinct Keep On Scrolling.

    No offense, love you, JB not so much.

  2. I will probably put it on my Christmas playlist. I’m not proud of that, but my Christmas playlist includes all sorts of wonders from BSB, NSync and many more wonderful artists.

  3. I saw it, was about to ask my daughter if she’d heard it and she saw it and yelled “Seen it!!” She may be JB’s biggest fan. Me, not so much…

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