An argument can be made that all pop music sounds the same. I don’t personally believe that, but when hearing the two current singles “Blow” by Ke$ha and “Till the World Ends” by Britney Spears, it’s hard to argue against it. After all, both tunes feature a chorus laden with exultant, syncopated “Whoa” sounds that would most certainly drive my parents (or anyone over twelve) nuts. (Full disclosure: I have mp3s of both songs and enjoy them greatly.)

So in the spirit of community building and general curiosity, I ask you, dear readers, to tell me which pop star does the “Whoa-oh-oh” thing best?

Videos for your reference after the jump…

And a third contender:

* lest it be overlooked, Ke$ha had a hand in writing both songs. She did not, however, have anything to do with the grape lady.

6 replies on “Who Sings ‘Whoa’ Better: Britney or Ke$ha?”

  1. Seriously, grape lady! Did you see the Family Guy take on the grape lady. Lol. I remember seeing it and thinking, where have I seen that before.

    On the topic of singing, though, I think that Britney actually can sing whereas Ke$ha, not so much. I could be wrong but I have both women on my iPod, so I can’t criticize too harshly.

  2. Really, I am so disappointed that the hotness that is James Van der Beek (no shame) would stoop to appearing in a music video for a gutter rat. I know that question was about whose “whoa” is better, but I got completely distracted by that little trash monkey seducing faux unicorns.

    I also vote Grape Lady.

  3. Unless I’m thinking if the wrong part of the song I thought Ke$ha says “This place about to blow-ooohh-ooohhh-oooh-ow” As in it’s just an extension of the word blow and she’s not saying whoa.

    Anyway, I like both songs so I can’t pick. lol

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