Las Vegas has been expanding significantly over the past few decades, and what better way to appreciate the sprawl than with a time lapse video? This one is pretty scant in the photo department (there are only six photos used), but it’s cool nonetheless. All it needs is the customary Philip Glass soundtrack.

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5 replies on “Watch Las Vegas’ Urban Sprawl Over 25 Years”

  1. My dad lived in Vegas when I was a kid. I visited for a month in ’74. That was Vegas, baby. Carson was still playing weekends at the Sahara (which, btw, is closing for good in May.) Vegas today is nothing but a glorified mall with none of the kitschy charm of the old days.

  2. Building came to a screeching halt. Now thousands of single family homes are empty. The strip has changed in thirty years of course, but it is not all about the strip for the people that live here. I have complaints about a lot of things concerning Las Vegas but as a native I am amazed to find I get defensive when Las Vegas is criticized. Las Vegas is a good place to live.

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