Woman Falls Into A Mall Fountain, And That’s Her Least Humiliating Problem

This video is hilarious, and not just because it shows a woman so busy texting that she actually FALLS into a mall fountain. No, what’s hilarious about it is that this idiot now wants to sue the mall because no one came to her aid. “The fountain could have been empty… I could have been […]

The ‘Bed Intruder Song,’ As Sung By Christian Conservatives

The Bed Intruder Song has been the greatest viral hit of the year, and inevitably it has been covered by a cappella groups all across the country — most famously by the N’Harmonics at NYU, whose version has become a hit in its own right (despite some serious vocal shortcomings — listen to it here). […]

Sally Jesse Raphael Takes On ‘Jersey Shore’

I’m not sure what possessed former talk show queen Sally Jesse Raphael to release a parody video of Jersey Shore, but the daytime star did it anyway, and I’m happy to report that it’s as bizarre as you’d think it would be. Just about the only thing stranger would be if she were to put […]

Thom Pilgrim Takes Questions From The Media

Thom Pilgrim: Press Conference – watch more funny videos Okay, I know I know I know I haven’t posted new content in many a moon, but hopefully this video will be a minor consolation. It’s my friend Scott doing his “Thom Pilgrim” character. Just pretend it was a week ago and thus very timely. New […]