Thom Pilgrim Takes Questions From The Media

Okay, I know I know I know I haven’t posted new content in many a moon, but hopefully this video will be a minor consolation. It’s my friend Scott doing his “Thom Pilgrim” character. Just pretend it was a week ago and thus very timely.

New posts soon. I’m in the sticks, as they say on Top Chef. Or is it the weeds? Whatever it is, I’M IN IT.

7 replies on “Thom Pilgrim Takes Questions From The Media”

  1. In the weeds. You’re also in the doghouse. Phaedra’s baby isn’t going to birth itself.

  2. It’s in the weeds….one of my old bosses used to say it, and I thought it was just something he said, but apparently it’s pretty common slang in almost every restaurant….

  3. I think the first time I heard “in the weeds” was 30 years ago from a friend that worked at a restaurant. The example he gave to define it was, “a busy night and you break a glass in the ice machine.”

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