I’m not sure what possessed former talk show queen Sally Jesse Raphael to release a parody video of Jersey Shore, but the daytime star did it anyway, and I’m happy to report that it’s as bizarre as you’d think it would be. Just about the only thing stranger would be if she were to put on a white wig, gold chains, and pretend to be Jimmy the Greek giving NFL Predictions.

Nevertheless, Sally’s take on the MTV series is surprisingly quite funny and blessedly short. Her “Oh Hell No” moment, however, may haunt my dreams for the next several nights. Bonus points: Sally now appears to sound just like Renny from Big Brother 10.

Of course, now i have to wonder what other maniacal parodies might spring forth from SJR’s twisted mind. Will we see her dressed as a zombie and attacking innocent flesh à la The Walking Dead (a show that I still haven’t seen because I’m scared). Or will we see her inevitable take on Joan Holloway in her interpretation of Mad Men? Personally, I think she should just go all avant-garde and give us her take of Tron. Think about it: Sally Jesse Raphael… on a motorcycle… throwing laser frisbees… while Daft Punk plays. This must happen.

To see the video, hop on over to Socialite Life

6 replies on “Sally Jesse Raphael Takes On ‘Jersey Shore’”

  1. I saw her on the Oprah where she had Donahue and Ricki Lake and Geraldo……blah blah. Anyhoozle, SJR is a weird bird.

  2. That was one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a very long time. Is she on new meds or something?

  3. Oh Oprah she talked about doing what ever she had to do to make a buck in Hollywood. She also has a reality show In the making or Pitching it to be in the making. she said she also had a ver y expensive house and property to keep up. That is what I thought the show was going to be about… making it after you are not on TV everyday.

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