The ‘Bed Intruder Song,’ As Sung By Christian Conservatives

The Bed Intruder Song has been the greatest viral hit of the year, and inevitably it has been covered by a cappella groups all across the country — most famously by the N’Harmonics at NYU, whose version has become a hit in its own right (despite some serious vocal shortcomings — listen to it here). Personally, I prefer the crisp stylings of the kids at ultra-conservative Liberty University, a school whose chancellor is none other than Jerry Falwell. So how does the religious right take on a song about “raping errbody out here?” Well, there were a few choice word changes, but aside from that, everything is largely intact. And quite frankly, these guys have much better voices than those NYU jokers.

Bonus points for the mashup at the end.

Via Socialite Life

3 replies on “The ‘Bed Intruder Song,’ As Sung By Christian Conservatives”

  1. But the problem is that christian conservatives never ever, ever think up funny things on their own. Ever.

  2. well, falwell is no longer chancellor as he died about three years ago.

    the racist dimensions of this are pretty horrible though not at all surprising from such a school.

    wonder what falwell would think about the butch dyke lesbian leading the group? we all know it’s closeted gay men who are supposed to be in charge of the choir.

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