REAL HOUSEWIVES PREVIEW: Are You Ready To RuuuUUUUuuummmmble???

Anyone who’s watching the fantastic Real Housewives of Beverly Hills knows that tonight is going to be epic. Camille Grammer is finally having her dinner party of passive-aggression wherein she gathers her friends to create an army of support against the invading offender that is Kyle Richards. The previews from last week indicated that shizz is going down, but nothing prepared me for the craziness in the two clips posted here. Above, Camille launches a spectacularly bitchy passive-aggressive assault that she then tries to backpedal from seconds later. It’s uncomfortable, to say the least.

After the jump, Kyle gets into it with some random red-headed bitch, and from there, the entire dinner devolves into a screaming mess. Tonight will be amazing, people. Amazing.

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  1. oh. my. gah.

    that’s ALLISON DUBOIS!! The TV show, Medium, with Patricia Arquette, is based on her!


  2. Check out Adrienne just sitting there wishing she were anyplace else in the whole world.
    And who still smokes at the dinner table nowadays?
    Gosh I can’t wait!!

  3. I’ll tell you what, as big of an awful mess as Camille is (and she truly, truly, is) these things wouldn’t get so out of control if Kyle didn’t start yelling and pointing. She probably isn’t “wrong” in any of these things, but she just starts yelling & getting so defensive that she isn’t doing herself any favors. She needs to learn to control her tone of voice because usually no matter how “right” you are, when you lose your cool, you end up looking like you are “wrong.” And it kills me to say this because I’m guilty of doing the same thing, so I can totally understand Kyle’s anger/frustration at these unfounded accusations from these ridiculous people.

    1. I think Kyle is like that too, and I find myself guilty of it. When people lie straight to your face and say such absurd things and I can’t help but lose it sometimes too. I don’t see Kyle as a mean person, I like her.

  4. Ewww…. seriously with that cigarette at the table? Ugh. That woman is awful. No wonder she is friends with Camille. I don’t get the whole Taylor/Kim drama, they need to just drop that. CANNOT WAIT to see this mess!

    1. Taylor started the whole thing when she gossiped to Camille at the hotel room, then she called Adrienne and gossiped again. Everytime Kim calls her on it she turns to Oklahoma girl without class.

  5. IDK…Allison seemed to be acting…like she was in an improv workshop…otherwise she’s a crazy b*tch like her friend Camille.

    1. What was that with the Cigarette???? She made herself look so stupid!! Talk about “loosely” basing a TV character on someone…….

  6. Camille appears to be loving every second of it. Allison Dubois seems to be a more of a psycho than a psychic. What a bunch of C U Next Tuesday’S.

  7. I have tried. I just can’t! This just doesn’t feel like real drama at all so I cannot get into it. They seem to all be acting and are not very good at it. I don’t get what the fuss with this franchise is. Maybe it is just the REAL money that these women (or their men) appear to have.

  8. SMH….just saw the show. Allison Dubois is a terrible, terrible person. A rotten, souless monster. Astounding. Camille loved every minute of it. She is no lady.

    Methinks Taylor attacks the awkward Kim because Miss Taylor has caught herself an itsy bitsy bit in Camilles web during the original fracas and despite her best efforts can’t seem to untangle herself.

    1. Agreed. Allison is beyond disgusting. Drink up, weirdo! And if Allison were a real friend you’d think instead of telling Kyle that her marriage won’t last once the kids are grown, she’d give Camille a little heads up about the fact that hers is basically over as. we. speak.

      1. Hmmmmm…..was thinking exactly the same thing. What about the missing children comment? Revolting. I hope her career is OVER. Hopefully some unsavory types from the other side will show up and teach her a little humility.

    2. Alison must have had her drink refilled 5 times just DURING dinner. Always be on the lookout for Alisons of the world wanting to just let you know how ever so great their lives are.

      I think Taylor and Kim’s issues with one another almost have nothing to do with each other. Taylor knows she ratted out the girls to Camille and stirred all the shit up in New York, and Kim knows she completely failed to stand up for her sister because she’s a damn basket case- which is a really shitty excuse. They’re both taking it out on each other, like the morons that they both are.

      God, I laughed out loud when Camille made that remark about Kyle’s husband cheating on her. Kelsey was very likely screwing someone else as she said it. Good for him. Also, Alison is a shitty “Medium” if she couldn’t get a “read” on that one.

  9. Google Phoenix New Times article on Allison Dubois. Not one substantiated case of her work with any law enforcement or directly with family members.

  10. Camille is a horror show. I think she is a sociopath. She has no warmth at all. What took Frasier so long? Allison Dubois is a perfect friend for her, she is is a low life.

    1. Go to Wikipedia and read up on Kelsey Grammars’ early Family Life. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but it explains the drug problems and him being, in general an easy mark for someone like her. And I totally agree with you on the “sociopath”.

      1. Wow Cak..I just finished reading the early life info on Wikipedia. How terribly sad. Too much tragedy for one person. And then to lose David Angell and his wife on 9/11. I’m so glad he got rid of Camille, but now have a better understanding of how he ended up with her. I hope he is happy with the flight attendant!

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