Inside The First Ever ‘Reality Rocks Expo’ in Los Angeles

Exciting news for reality TV fans. This past weekend, Los Angeles played host to the first ever Reality Rocks Expo, an event that brought reality stars, reality fans, and reality producers together for one big reality bonanza of epic proportions. The convention took place on Saturday and Sunday, and while I didn’t get a chance […]


At long last, the twelfth season of Big Brother came to a close last night, ending one of the most lackluster installments in the franchise’s history. The good news was that despite this group’s generally blasé approach toward the game, the finale proved to be very entertaining and even had a few nail biting moments. […]

Big Brother’s Kristen Lands High Profile Gig For Toyota of Runnemede

Who said that reality TV didn’t lead to anything? Just take a look at Kristen from Big Brother 12. After swallowing a spider (and perhaps Hayden’s man juice), the starlet has taken the next step toward world domination by landing the coveted role as spokeswoman for Toyota of Runnemede. It’s a primo gig, and let’s […]

Big Brother’s Britney Loses House To Fire

Poor Britney can’t get a break. The Big Brother star who was evicted just shy of the finale will finally return to civilization tonight only to find out that her house burned down this morning. Luckily, no one was hurt, and while the blaze is still under investigation, it is not believed to be suspicious. […]


With the new champion of Big Brother about to be crowned on Wednesday, CBS took a look back on Sunday at the season it was… and what a season it wasn’t. The hour featured all the usual clip show fodder — arguments, high jinks, canoodling — but it also served as an unfortunate reminder of […]


It’s now official. There’s no more drama left in Big Brother 12, and despite their best efforts (READ: the Saboteur), the producers can’t even drum up any sparks if they even try. So what else is there to do? Well, from the looks of Wednesday’s episode, the Big Brother brass tossed their hands up in […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Ragan’s Balls Fly All Over The Place

I now have a difficult task in front of me. I have to recap an hour of Big Brother where very little happened. Sure, we got a new HOH, and sure, we have new nominees, but besides that, we got nothing going on in the BB house. That’s thanks to a final five which is […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Double The Eviction, Half The Drama!

Well, it was the annual “Fast Forward” edition of Big Brother last night, which crammed one week of gameplay into a single, scant hour. I always enjoy these episodes, even if it means that at least one person gets something of a raw deal. Last night’s was no different; however, while the competitions were fun […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Powerless Behind Bars

Fun times on last night’s Big Brother. The episode had a lovely mix of real strategizing and goofy antics, thanks in part to the veto challenge, which appealed to various players’ greedy impulses. The conceit was one we’d seen before: house guests could either vie for the Veto or minimize their chances by opting for […]


With Kathy gone from the Big Brother house, the game has all but eradicated its “floater” players, which means that the war is on! Well, as “on” as this season can be. Yes, we have the Brigade vs. Team Ragan, and so far, tensions are… slightly elevated. For the first time all season, we’re seeing […]