Poor Britney can’t get a break. The Big Brother star who was evicted just shy of the finale will finally return to civilization tonight only to find out that her house burned down this morning. Luckily, no one was hurt, and while the blaze is still under investigation, it is not believed to be suspicious. Still, officials would do well to seek out any bitter neanderTALS that might have been roving the neighborhood…

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8 replies on “Big Brother’s Britney Loses House To Fire”

  1. And I think it’s horrible when anyone’s home burns down. It’s a lifetime of memories up in smoke. Not funny at all and anyone who thinks it is and says Karma’s a Bitch does NOT understand that over-used and cliche of all the newest cliches phrase at all.

  2. I hope the picture of Britney as a teenage beauty queen wasn’t in the house, that would be an immense loss for all.

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