With the new champion of Big Brother about to be crowned on Wednesday, CBS took a look back on Sunday at the season it was… and what a season it wasn’t. The hour featured all the usual clip show fodder — arguments, high jinks, canoodling — but it also served as an unfortunate reminder of how dull this season was. Sure, there were some flare ups, but they were few and far between. In fact, there’s been so little drama that CBS could only really muster up about two minutes of new, unseen footage. Pretty much anything worth showing has already been aired, as opposed to previous seasons whose episodes were so chock-full of craziness that many valuable gems never made it to air until the clip show. Alas. I suppose we’re due a dud season every once in a whiel. However, I’ll refrain from being too much more of a hater and just set my sights on next season.

Photocap after the jump…

Enzo: “Check it out. They got champagne for the meow meow.”
Lane: “I don’t know what champagne is, but it sounds like something fancy that an armadillo might wear to the opera.”
“How’s an armadillo gonna go to the opera.”
“Heck if I know. I don’t even know what an armadillo is. Or opera. I just see words and use ’em!”

“Brendon, I love this couch.”
“I don’t really like it.”
“But this couch reminds me of Vegas. And Vegas is a part of me!”
“When you talk about Vegas, it makes me sad.”
“Brendon, I AM VEGAS.”
“I know.”
“And this couch is VEGAS.”
“I know, but–“
“I guess.”

“Brendon, why aren’t you talking to me?”
“I don’t want to talk about Vegas.”
“But I AM Vegas.”
“Can I hug Vegas?”
“Wait, do you want to hug the city or me?”
“HA! That was a trick question. I AM VEGAS!”

“Ain’t no geographical personification gonna get between me and MY MAN!”

Zingbot: “You guys are the worst cast ever.”
“No. I was being serious.”

Zingbot: “Kathy, you are going 40 in a 25 zone.”
“I don’t get it.”
“You’re 40 and everyone else is 25.”
“You’re old.”
“I’m not sure I understand.”
Ragan: “ZING!”
Zingbot: “No, Ragan. You don’t just zing when you want to.”
“Excuse me, but I have a PhD in, uh, NOT communications. I think I know about when to zing. ZING!”
“Jesus Christ.”
Hayden: “ZING!”
“No. Stop zinging.”
Brendon: “ZING!”
Enzo: “Zing a ding, my bro!”
“That’s not even a thing.”
Lane: “That’s what she said.”

“Why does the Zingbot have more personality than I do?”

“Hahahahhaha, Kathy isn’t funny!”
“Neither are you!”
“Hey. That’s not nice. Can I get a hug? Zingbot?”

Zingbot: “Wait, what are you doing?”
“Hug raping you.”

“Oh my GAAAD, Andrew! How many times do I have to tell you? Spiders are SO kosher!”

“Who the HELL ate the last spider in the house?? THAT WAS MY DINNER TONIGHT!”

“So I eat spiders and sleep with my brother. How is that weird?”

“This bread is so good I just want to PUNCH it.”

“Omg. It’s Day 3, and I think I’m about to get my first hug of the season!!! Wow. Three days without a hug. That makes me sad. I need a pre-hug hug.”

What are your thoughts on the upcoming finale? Excited?

16 replies on “BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: A Trip Down Memory Lame”

  1. I haven’t been watching this season, but watched a few minutes of the recap. A person has to be stuck in a literal interpretation of the world to not understand the [marginal] humor in, “That’s what she said.”

  2. this season would have been better if they had put them in a box with a lighter and 90 minutes of oxygen.


  3. Gotta show my Rachel love, her whole “I am Vegas! Brendon!” was absolutely Rachel trying to get more tv time. I appreciate her honesty, and expect that she will get more tv, appearances, and other offers than the last three of the brigade. Hopefully a soap opera.

    Brit was hilarious, but such a beeyoch.

    I am voting for Brendon (the neandertall) for AP. he deserves it.

    People may mention Kathy or Kristen when talking about past episodes…no one will know who they are talking about.

    Kinda bummed about matt getting shafted, and taking the BRAGADE to the finals.

    1. Boringness at its snoringest!
      B-side…only you made it worth DVRing. I FF more than watched.
      Could care less who wins and who loses.
      This may be the end of the end. Unless Danielle, Teresa,Jacqueline, Dina,Lynn C., Vicki,Kelly, Zarin and Kim D.,G and Z (how many do we need in the beginning?) to inhabit the house?
      Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Lunatics (favorite line of whole HW series)!

  4. I really wished Kristen would’ve stayed longer in the house. I believe there was so much untapped crazies from her.

  5. Perhaps now you could give us a Trip Down Mammary Lane screencap? Seriously, this was the most boob-heavy cast yet. (Do ANY American women still rock what their genes gave ’em?)

  6. Me too ~ I do not understand anyone who would want Brendan to win this, and for some reason, there are a lot of people wanting him to win the AC.
    Eeeeww, he’s a weird stalker in love with Rachel.

    1~Loses points for even wanting to touch Rachel, nevermind be in love with her.
    2~Loses major points for trying to get evicted so Rachel can stay.

    ICK! ~ I don’t get why anyone would want him to win it.

    Hayden really seems to be a truly nice guy. I really hope he wins the top prize.

    1. My reason is because Rachel was the only one to provide any drama this season, but she’s far too annoying to vote for, so I voted for Brendon. He’s just going to hand all the money to her anyway, but I don’t feel as dirty.

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