At long last, the twelfth season of Big Brother came to a close last night, ending one of the most lackluster installments in the franchise’s history. The good news was that despite this group’s generally blasé approach toward the game, the finale proved to be very entertaining and even had a few nail biting moments. Not a bad way to finish out an otherwise forgettable group.

The finale started off on a rather awkward note, which is bound to happen when the Chenbot is in charge. However, this had nothing to do with Julie’s performance. It pertained more to the audience, who seemed totally oblivious to Ms. Chen’s presence — a high crime, if you ask me. After she announced that we were watching the finale, the camera pulled back and revealed the customary super-sized audience, all cheering and happy. Julie then waltzed from the front door to the center stage, all the while looking left and right to see if anyone wanted to shake her hand. No one, I repeat, no one extended their hands. What sort of ANIMALS were they? How could they not want to reach out and touch the Chenbot??

Perhaps they were distracted by the Zingbot, which was happily perched nearby, dancing with happiness. It was a strange but welcome sight, and it gave me hope that he would be back for further antics next year. Sadly, Otev the singing clam was nowhere in sight (perhaps he had a cabaret gig somewhere in Sherman Oaks).

Anyway, after a lengthy recap of the season, the show launched into a nifty little segment about the remaining three players — Enzo, Hayden, and Lane — all posturing for position in the final two. It was mildly interesting, but not nearly as fun as the jury house, which we soon saw after. Britney made her triumphant entrance, wearing a sadly misspelled “BRA-GADE” shirt (I’m assuming it was a phonetic spelling, but that could be giving the guys a bit too much benefit of the doubt). As has become the tradition, we got to watch as Matt revealed his big lie once again, and as per usual, Britney was shocked and horrified. Even more aghast was Ragan, who found out about the Brigade for the first time upon Britney’s arrival. He felt used and disposable, but I’m sure his frustration stemmed mostly from the fact that had he and anyone else applied their brain power just slightly, they could have sniffed out this alliance.

Soon, the gang all convened outside on a patio to discuss the final three guys and who they would want to give the half million dollar prize to. Many pushed for Hayden, on account of his competition victories, but others liked Lane’s social game more. There were a few positive remarks for Enzo, but Matt bristled at the notion that the Meow Meow was responsible for The Brigade. According to Matt, he not only created the alliance (wrong) but also plotted its every move (wrong again). Seriously, that little dude is the worst.

Ragan then announced that he would be judging based on a metaphorical stool with three legs (he could have just said “three criteria,” but I appreciated the visual — OMG HE IS GOOD AT COMMUNICATION). According to him, the pegs that held up the stool were competitive gameplay, the social game, and big moves. So… really this was a two-legged stool because last time I checked there were no big moves this summer. In fact, someone — either Brendon or Rachel — pretty much alluded to that fact. That’s right, kids. Y’all were lame.

After this discussion wrapped up, we returned to the Big Brother house for the final part of the Head of Household competition. It was the usual “How well do you know your jurors?” quiz, and I gotta admit, I was on the edge of my seat — but mostly because I was in a Big Brother pool, and if Lane had won, I would have seen a windfall of money (a.k.a. about $20). Anyway, the two guys were neck and neck through the entire competition, winding up in a tie. Soon the chalkboards came out, and I had visions of Janelle vs. Ivette during that infamous double tie-breaker in season six (damn, those were good times). Sure enough, Hayden pulled out a victory, and just when I thought it was curtains for Lane, the shaggy one evicted Enzo, thus giving me hope for my gambling dreams.

Well, Enzo emerged from the house and hammed it up to the crowd’s delight; however, I most disappointed that he never explained to us what the hell “Meow Meow” means. I heard from a source that the name stems from a time when he farted in a girl’s car, and when she complained, he told her to stop her “meowing,” but I’d like to hear it from him.

Anyway, the jury soon took their seats, and once Enzo joined them, they took turns asking rather forgettable questions. Hayden took every opportunity to promote the fact that he had won five competitions over the summer, and Lane, meanwhile, showed off his grasp of the English language by repeatedly using the word “hisself.” Eventually, everyone voted, and with the keys locked away in the box, Julie then brought out the four other contestants from the summer: Annie, Monet, Andrew, and Kristen.

I gotta give props to Kristen, who looked super hot on the show — definite upgrade from some of her white-trash styles from over the summer. Annie also looked nice with her little spray tan, and Monet seemed… blah. But that’s no surprise. She was always a bland, sour thing, and on last night’s show, she was no different. When asked if she regretted some of the things she had said to Rachel, she said no, despite Rachel having offered up a surprisingly friendly response to her. Thank God we only had to deal with two weeks of this bitter girl.

The rest of the reunion was silly fare with nothing particularly noteworthy. There was an amusing moment when Rachel announced that she’d be moving “to UCLA” to be with Brendon. Britney rolled her eyes and mouthed that she was disgusted, and when Julie put her on the spot about Brenchel’s future, Britney ambiguously replied that “Rachel will make a beautiful bride.” Brendon seemed unhappy with this, and I’m not sure Rachel was too pleased either. In fact, later on, when Britney won the $25,000 America’s Vote prize, Rachel eyed her with such disdain and cattiness that I was surprised there wasn’t any hair pulling right then and there. (ed. note: it was Ragan who made the comment about the bride, not Britney. Thanks to all who corrected me)

Also amusing was Ragan’s reveal as the second saboteur; although, aside from some laughs and goofy smiles, it was more or less a big nothing.

Anyway, the time finally came for Julie to read the votes. I assumed that it would be a blowout for Hayden, but I was wrong. After some Chenbot fumbling with the keys, the votes came down to three for Lane (Britney, Rachel, and Brendon) and three for Hayden (Kathy, Ragan, and Matt). It all came down to Enzo. Who would he choose? Well, when Enzo had asked his jury question, he asked Lane if he would have taken Enzo to the finals had he won HOH, and Lane more or less said yes, but fumbled his way through it. Perhaps he should have been more clear and authoritative because he didn’t win over the Meow Meow. Enzo voted for Hayden, and after some confusion about how to get out of the house (opening doors is a tricky science, especially if you don’t even try to turn the knob), the shaggy one emerged and claimed his prize.

And thus another season came to a close. I’m sad to be bidding adieu to the show, but I’m already psyched for next year. Anything’s gotta be better than these clowns.

Here’s the photocap:

Chenbot: “So… no one wants to shake my hand this year?”

Chenbot:// RUN_APP: (“Why Doesn’t Anybody Love Me??”);

Zingbot: “Who is that sexy robot?”
Chenbot: “Is that a CPU in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”
Zingbot: “Gasp! She zings!”
(Insert “Almost Paradise” by Mike Reno and Ann Wilson)

“Man, I can’t believe the Brigade made it to the final three. I’m so excited I even made this properly spelled t-shirt!”

Rachel: “I love that we’re playing poker. It’s so Vegas. And I’m Vegas. Oh my God. I AM THIS GAME.”

“Oh my God. I would rather take a time machine back to 1989, fly to Tiananmen Square and throw myself UNDER A TANK AND DIE than sit here and watch you people play poker.”

Ragan: “What’s going on with your t-shirt, Britney? I don’t get it. Bra-gade? Are you in an alliance with Gloria Steinem or something?”

“Feminist ZZZZING!!!!”

Brendon: “I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather spend this time hugging people. Who wants to go first?”
Rachel: “No one wants to hug you, Brendon.”
“I wish you wouldn’t say that. I love you very much and only want you to hold me and tell me everything’s going to be fine.”
“Why wouldn’t it be fine?”
“I don’t know. Just HOLD ME.”
“I can’t hold you.”
“Why not?”
“Don’t you understand, Brendon? I AM VEGAS.”
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“If you don’t understand that, then you don’t understand me.”
“I guess I don’t understand you.”
“Whatever. Ain’t NO miscommunication coming between me and MY MAN.”

“All I got to say is that I created the Brigade. And by ‘created,’ I mean I was recruited into it by three other people and took no initiative in forming it.”

“By the way, in case any of you were unclear about this, I AM VEGAS.”

“Oh my God. I would rather lie under a cement roller, flatten myself until I was 2-D, scan myself into a computer, enter the Mushroom kingdom, jump on a Koopa Troopa, kick the shell into a pipe, and then have the shell come back and KILL ME than listen to this jury talk any longer.”

“Enzo, please answer us one thing: seriously, what the hell is up with ‘Meow Meow’?”

Hayden: “I just want you to know that I think you’re a great guy, Enzo. Also, I’m naked.”

“As a PhD in communications, I feel it is necessary to communicate to you all the importance of using anti-perspirant for live television.”

“Oh my God. I would rather buy some skis, drive up to Whistler, take the ski-lift all the way to the top of the most difficult black diamond trail, then realize I wasn’t at Whistler but atop that Icelandic volcano, and then SKI INTO A POOL OF LAVA AND DIE than shake these people’s hands.”

“This question is for Hayden. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being ‘Like so much’ and 0 being ‘Ew! Like not at all,’ how much am I Vegas???”

“This question is for either guy. When you get out of the house, who will hug me first and for how long?”

“Um, I slept with my own sister to get here. ‘Nuff said.”

“I just wanna say that it’s the final two and it’s every man for hisself, and I have a better debate going up against Hayden than against Enzo because Hayden talks to hisself and Enzo doesn’t talk to hisself, and I want to be the guy that everyone says ‘Wow, he really stood up for hisself.’ In conclusion, I want to kill a turtle.”

“I guess it’s time to vote for someone in the Brigade, WHICH I INVENTED.”

Guy in maroon: “Wait, I thought this was a taping of ‘Match Game.'”

Chenbot: “Welcome back, Monet.”
“Thanks, you whoreface slut bitch.”

“Do I regret any of the things I said about Rachel? Not really. I mean, she’s a bitch hooker skank-toaster with a fat face and oatmeal for brains. I’m just glad I played the game with class.”

Chenbot: “Kristen, you look lovely tonight.”
“Thanks. I want to look good for my brother. I’m hoping we DO IT tonight.”

Chenbot: “So would you be open to dating Hayden?”
Kristen: “You know, I’m a free bird right now; so yeah, if Hayden wanted to go on a date, I’d be open to that, but if not, that’s cool.”

“I mean, if he didn’t go on a date with me, I’d probably burn all his belongings and stab him in the eye, but seriously, it would be cool.”

“You know, I’m single right now; so if Hayden wanted to, you know, go off and get married and always love me forever, I’d be okay with that. No pressure or anything.”

“I mean, if he doesn’t want to hang out, that’s cool. It’s not like I’m going to leave him voicemails every day and send him severed fingers from girls I’ve seen him talking to.”

“Oh my God. I would rather stick a pillowcase over my head, run into traffic, and get run over by a speeding Mac truck than watch myself cry any longer.”

“I always knew Lane would take me to the end. If he didn’t, I would have literally stood outside until winter, found a snowman, grabbed its icy carrot nose, and STABBED MYSELF IN THE HEAD UNTIL I DIED.”

“What’s that? You’re giving me TWO FREE TICKETS to see Jackée’s new one woman version of MacBeth! BEST DAY EVER!!!”

“Literally, the thought of Rachel moving to Los Angeles to be with Brendon makes me want to puke all over this stage, mop it up into a bucket, pour it over my head, and then PUKE AGAIN.”

“I win!! God, I’m boring.”

Chenbot:// run_source(‘victory’)&output: “Come on out, Hayden!”

Chenbot://ERROR 505: Hayden Response Timed Out
Chenbot://re_entry: (“COME ON OUT.”);

Chenbot://ERROR 400: Hayden Not Found.

Chenbot://Commence shut_down;

Hayden: “Whoa. It’s another door.”
Lane: “Double door. Like a double rainbow.”
“What do we do?”
“I don’t know.”
“It’s beautiful.”

Hayden: “Maybe we should just stand here.”
“Heck, I don’t even know how to USE a door.”
“You think this is Julie’s studio?”
“It’s pretty small if it is.”
“Where do you think she is?”
“Maybe it’s a prank.”
“I’m confused.”
“Me too.”

Lane: “Oh wait. Why don’t you charge through that wall over there.”
“You think?”
“Yeah. That’s what I would do.”
“Maybe I should just open the door.”
“Hmmm… Sounds risky. Let’s just stand here some more.”

“Nice weather today.”

“You think they’re waiting for us?”


“How about that Rachel?”
“Yeah, she’s a piece of work.”
“Big time.”


“I’m gonna open the door.”

“Wow! This must be what it feels like to be Matt’s shoulders!”

“Dandruff ZZZZING!!!!”

What did you think about the finale?

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  1. Loved that Zingbot was there, and glad that Britney won the $25,000 the grin on Enzo’s face while he telling her about the brigade alliance pissed me off, like he was enjoying bursting Britney’s bubble, dam rat bastard!!

    Monet really is a bitch isn’t she? I thought that after she saw how she acted to the other HG that maybe she would have been a little nicer? yeah no!

    Wouldn’t it be fun, if Britney blamed Nick for the house fire and she broke up with him and moved to Texas to be with Lane? I’m just saying….

    1. MissMakin, I love your house fire scenario. I have to admit that I would watch a reality show starring just Lane and Britney because they unintentional comic gold. Maybe they’ll go on the Amazing Race….

  2. You must have a blast making up your Britneyisms. Death by a snowman’s nose??? 🙂 by the way, isn’t Kristen mid-twenties? Does she really want to go out with a college student? (On second thought, he does have half a mil in the bank…)

  3. I know it’s hard to believe, but Enzo decided to call the Brigade the “Bra-gade”. Get it? Cause they are “brahs”. Awful. I wish I could see the look on his face when he finds out that his season is widely considered to be one of the worsts. Sadly, he’s probably too egotistical to accept this fact. Just like he thinks he’s going to be famous and on Oprah.


      1. Maybe you will take this season’s “awfulness” as a reason to move on with your life and actually do something worth your while?

        Pretty sad that fat, poor, homosexuals like yourself complain about the people in the BB house when they are far more successful in life than you freaks are. Deny it all you want, you were sitting around your house all day long eating and watching these dodo’s sleep and fart. You can hate it all you want, but you were watching. YES you were!!!

        Now please tell all the other queers in your chat group that they need to get a life!

        1. Using sexuality as an insult? What is this 1984? Good one noonen, you should totally high five yourself for that one. Or get hit by a bus. You choose.

  4. This was dumb.. Whoever made this really wasted their time, and my time. Seriously, if you sit around your junky house all day watching these people sleep,eat, and fart, then you are the one with no life and should not complain. Your attempt at making “witty” and “funny” comments about this whole season has failed. Not one of these things was “witty” and “funny”. It was worse than the most boring day in the BB house. Not kidding, you have got to get out there and do something with your life. Even if you did entertain a few people with this crap your life would still be in the trash. Do it for yourself, get out!

    1. Omg, you may not realize this, but by virtue of you leaving comments here, you’re just as bad as we are!!!! BUT LESS FUNNY!!!

      Actually, more funny. But you get the point.

      LOGIC FAIL!!

    2. Noonen, step away from the crackpipe, dude, and go get some fresh air. No one is trying to kill you uppin her.

    3. The truth is, I am upset at your comments about Hayden and Kristen’s relationship. I too enjoy casual sex with my siblings. Is that so wrong? I’m also really stupid and ugly.

  5. After hearing Matt telling the jury house how he created the alliance (not Enzo), I was hoping for some reaction to Andrew telling everyone that it was Enzo.

    I am soooo glad this season is done. Please do not ever invite them back for a BB All-Stars!

    By the way DearTweslie – isn’t Hayden a 24 yr old college student (with a half mill)?

    1. I didn’t realize he was 24, I just knew he was a college student. I guess he’s on the seven-year plan.

      1. He was at ASU for his Freshmen and Sophomore years.. on the baseball team. After that it is harder to track.. did he attend his last two years? Maybe, maybe not… he isn’t listed on the Sun Devil’s sports roster after the first two years. He should have graduated in 2005 if he stayed on track. Obama was the Keynote speaker at the 2005 graduation……. does anyone know Hayden’s major, did we learn that?

  6. B-Side. Once again, you made me laugh all summer. I eagerly awaited your blog and caps after every episode of a painfully boring BB season. Thank you for your efforts.

    I was CERTAIN you’d have several caps of Heydon’s incredibly intense focus (with mouth hanging open) while swiveling his answer triangle to either “A” or “B” at Julie’s behest. It was SO laughable. I’ve not seen a stare that intense since Geico stopped airing those stupid “even a cave man can do it” commercials.


  7. Ok first, I was so glad Britney won the $25,000. I can only imagine how horrible it would be to find out your house burned down. But then again, this just might be fate as I strongly believe Britney has strong feelings for Lane. I would be very worried if I were her fiance, especially if he fell asleep and let the grill catch the house on fire.

    Kristin and Andrew left way too early. And yes, Monet, you are still as awful as you were when you entered the house.

    And Enzo…wow, you were so cocky last night. My biggest nightmare is to walk into a car repair shop to find a mechanic like Enzo. You just know everything that comes out of his mouth is bullshit.

  8. The finale was the best part of the whole season….made better by your photo-caps! Oh & it was Ragan, not Britney that said that Rachel would make a beautiful bride. Here’s to Season #13!

  9. These are the best blogs! I look forward to them every week during BB.

    Correction though: Ragan was the one that said Rachel would be a beautiful bride. Brit said she had advised Rachel that it’d be a bad idea for her to leave Vegas. lol!!

    Thanks for the laughs… see ya next season!

  10. LOL, look at all these dykes and fags getting but hurt. Sorry folks, but the truth hurts. Each one of you is reading this trying to come up with some funny or logical comment that will make you sleep better tonight. Please don’t respond too quickly. I really want you to come up with something good. I know this site and this show mean everything in your life, so let your next comment be a really really good one. Here’s some suggestions; you can attack me personally, or maybe read through all my words and point out grammatical error, or how about you just make something up outta thin air? I’m sure you’ll come up with something good. BUT it won’t matter. In the end, you will still be fat, alone, gay, and depressed about BB being over!

    AND you know I’m Right!!

    1. Noonen, I’m so glad you came back to the site, despite the fact that it is purportedly for losers and such.

      Please refrain from using hateful language or you will be banned.

      1. *gasp!* Rachel would never use such language – she loves gay people!
        …except Ragan, he sucks at it. Her words, not mine.

  11. I want to issue an apology to all of you. I do not know where all this hate comes. I can only assume it is a result of being molested as a child…

  12. You are so hysterical! I look forward to reading your photocaps and check here on a daily basis. So glad it’s not just BB alone (how I found you in the first place). Just had to check in and say when I saw that top photo of Lane and Hayden (HOH quiz), my first thought was how excited they were to get their own names right!

    I also think it’s ironic how the “mastermind” and the “brains” of the losergade both left with less than $1.01 (Matt at least got a dollar — well worth that strategic diabolical genius lie!)

    Oh yeah – Enzo actually believes if he signs his name to the TV he won, he can sell it on Ebay for 4 – 5 grand. Would love to know how that works out for him!

    Thanks for all you do!

  13. Come on you over weight queers, you can do better than that! Can’t you?

    I know it’s hard coming up with something funny to say when you’re shoving another tweekie in your mouth while having a 4 inch dick shoved all the way up your ass, but you gotta do better. Seriously, put a little effort into it!

    Either way, I’ll repeat: You have got no lives. You are all losers. You are homosexuals. You have done nothing with your lives. You are scum!

    Now please, please, please Ban Noonen!. Ban Noonen!!

    (lol at the person pretending to be me. Keep it up, but it’s not really working is it?..Nice try though)

    1. LOL ahh yes. Because coming onto a website repeatedly just to spread hate anonymously just SCREAMS healthy, adjusted person with a happenin’ social life.

      1. I actually have a very “happenin’ social life”…now excuse me while I go have sex with my parents…

  14. Ok Noonen! Enough is enough!

    I’m the one “pretending” to be you! BUT I do not care about it anymore!!!!!!

    Screw you! I’m sick of your offensive comments.

    (Please BAN the Noonen above this comment)

  15. Woah! Nice Job! That actually might work! But it’s not gonna because I suck sooooo much dick and doooo soooooo many drugs!

    1. This is that Hair guy from the Real World .. the mormon one from Awatukee Arizona… has to be… Ryan asshat hair dresser paranoid pill popping reality no-star.

      Would bet my lunch money on that.

  16. I want to suck the dick of B-Side! But he’s too into child pornography to allow me to swallow his sperm.

  17. When attempting to troll people about a perceived lack of having a life, it helps if you don’t come back every couple of hours to do it again.

  18. Seriously, no comments about Lane’s shirt? What in God’s name was he wearing?

    This is my first time on this blog. What is a noonen?

  19. Hi all. I banned that Noonen person.

    Just to clarify, I don’t mind if commenters bash the blog or me or anyone else (even if such attacks lack logic), but hateful language and epithets are not tolerated.

  20. Speaking of Noonens, I read this week on TMZ that Michelle Noonan from Big Brother a few seasons ago is going to be on some Playboy TV “adult” show and she allegedly has “relations” (on-camera) with Heat from one of those trashy VH1 shows. Also Pumpkin and Dunbar from Real World are going to be on it. I guess Michelle isn’t married anymore?

  21. deartweslie yes its true about the playboy show the dunbar part i dont get pumpkin & heat I get. michelle got me scratchin my head-no judgement but confused. Yes she was married & after BB she got a divorce. Her mother was on twitter begging michelle to call family. It was in poor taste of her mom & I got blocked for it.Since I was not there, I can only relay that rumor had it that she was spending some time swimming in the lady pond(not that there is anything wrong with that)! She & Bside have gotten chummy this year so I dont expect him to be commenting much. I know too much about people I dont know. Pathetic, how i deal with empty nest & new ipad.

    The lack of love for JC was inexcusable. She was “shunned” IMO because the fans hated this season! Thanks for making BB12 better for me with your photocaps! You nailed it all summer long & was dying to see what you had to say about multiple ChenBot malfunctions trying to deal with 2 people scared to open a door. I thought she has done best job yet when she has to function off the top of her head. Must be new software.

    1. I’m confused- why did you get blocked? What did you have to do with her moms twitter? Michelle admitted she was bi on BB.

  22. I got blocked by her mom because I called her out for putting family disputes on blast via twitter,her mom was brutal!! She left nothing out, it was repulsive. i’m a mom for 22 years, it pissed me off & explained Michelle’s many facial ticks. It is the only time i was blocked & I hope I hit a nerve. Me, caroline manzo & popeye… i am what i am! I vaguely recall her saying she was bi on BB. I dont give alot of thought to how people get down, Jersey Shore gives me enough visuals for a lifetime. My policy is if I wasn’t there I can not say for sure.

  23. I have really enjoyed your BB12 recaps so much this summer, thank you so much! You seriouly crack me up! good move banning that noonan he was a buzz kill. I am a loyal fan forever..lff.

  24. great recap B! I actually like Enzo at the end, and i agree that Lane should have answered his q more clearly and said that he would have taken him to final two! There is a certain irony that I thought that Enzo’s “guido” schtick was entertaining, and yet I can’t stand the Jersey Shore kids. Oh well- maybe NJ Italians are better in small doses b/c the Jersey Housewives make me crazy as well.

    Only you would notice Ragan’s pit stains :p. Why didn’t you get to go to the BB afterparty this year (being that you ARE the premiere BB blogger)?

  25. I was disappointed that no one outed Hayden for getting all those prizes during the veto competition.

  26. i appreciate you taking your time in banning noonen, even though it was well deserved. i have been soooo sick of jokersupdates and there million mods deleting my comments for BS. i was like really?? do they not have anything better to do than be a ‘police state website’ ughh so frustrating. f*ck CINDY,STRK, WHIRLEY and any of you other dick heads patrolling the site like the f*ckin FBI.

  27. OMG the caps about Hayden and Lane LAGGING at exiting the house are hilarious. The final three came across as collectively dim. And I love how the jury laughed about how they should use short words when talking to them…LOL.

    I’d like to see CBS stay with this eccentric theme they had with the Zingbot and Otev the singing clam. I also like the surreal mind tricks they played on the HGs. If this show went a little weirder, they might have something. Be weird and own it.

    Bside, you are the best thing about BB. Seriously, this summer’s BB was lame, but your caps made it worthwhile.

  28. The last episode was about as boring as the actually season. The Jury house was definitely more entertaining. Though I was surprised about the votes, but seeing how Rachel is about as smart as a piece of paper, I wasn’t too surprised. The story about the Meow Meow is wrong though. A girl farted in Enzo’s car and when she denied it she said “Meow Meow” so he stole the Meow Meow and used it as his own…kind of like the Brigade! Zing!! (Yes I do believe Matt thought of the alliance more then Enzo, just cause he thought of nicknames doesn’t mean he thought up the alliance and side alliances.) But Enzo is still smart I think. Anywho, I hope Matt and Stacey or Enzo and Joella or Britney and Nick go on Amazing Race or something 😀 Thanks for the funny posts 🙂

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