Big Brother’s Kristen Lands High Profile Gig For Toyota of Runnemede

Who said that reality TV didn’t lead to anything? Just take a look at Kristen from Big Brother 12. After swallowing a spider (and perhaps Hayden’s man juice), the starlet has taken the next step toward world domination by landing the coveted role as spokeswoman for Toyota of Runnemede. It’s a primo gig, and let’s face it, nothing says superstar like uttering the phrase “Just around the corner from the Deptford mall!”

Well done, Kristen! Well done.

Thanks B-Side Blog reader Shiney for the heads up.

5 replies on “Big Brother’s Kristen Lands High Profile Gig For Toyota of Runnemede”

  1. So funny- I happened to be in Runnemede NJ for the first time ever just last night for an appointment and let me tell you, there is nothing there. We drove up and down the Black Horse Pike looking for a place to eat and there was not one restaurant that was remotely appealing. I am going to stay on the other side of the Ben Franklin Bridge from now on…

  2. I’m glad her Philly accent was toned down (still there though). I would NAT have been able to take it.

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