Exciting news for reality TV fans. This past weekend, Los Angeles played host to the first ever Reality Rocks Expo, an event that brought reality stars, reality fans, and reality producers together for one big reality bonanza of epic proportions. The convention took place on Saturday and Sunday, and while I didn’t get a chance to make it over on the first day (when apparently all the “big” stars were present), I did meander down to the Los Angeles Convention Center on Sunday to check out the scene.

Pics from the expo after the jump.

The convention center. No teeming masses outside, but that’s okay. I knew this wouldn’t be E3.

A humble banner greets potential conventioneers. A far cry from the ostentatious, four-story high signage that accompanies the more high profile conventions.

Just outside the convention center, a random protest goes strong. My world geography is a bit rusty, and thus I’m unable to recognize the flags these people are waving. Also, their signage is very vague. Poor brand messaging. And quite frankly, the place to effect change is probably not at a reality TV convention.

It’s pretty dead when I walk into the building. On the plus side, my chance to achieve unparalleled fame arrives in the form of a Divorce Court casting notice.

A sign ushers me toward the Rock N’ Blog area. I’m not sure what it is, but it sounds pretty hardcore.

Autographs! This is what I’m talking about!


Ari from The Amazing Race and some gentlemen from Paranormal Files court the masses.

I encounter a lively panel discussion about courtroom TV.

The lady judge from Divorce Court and two others take questions from the crowd.

The aforementioned crowd.

My old buddy Nick from Big Brother 8. He continues to be one of the nicest guys EVAR.

Upstairs from the show floor are various rooms where different panels are taking place. Just my luck that the Big Brother one is just gearing up upon my arrival.

Various recent alums from the show gather on an imposing, gray dais of sorts.

Lane and Hayden from season twelve, Lydia from season eleven.

Matt, Ragan, and in the corner Kristen. Matt and Ragan were both very funny during the panel, and Ragan, as it turns out, loves the Housewives. He nearly flipped out when he heard that Allison DuBois had been in attendance the day prior. Then again, I too was kicking myself for having missed the drunk medium.

My friend Andrea (we were in an alliance together during Big Brother Media Day) moderates the panel. Note Brenchel in the background.

Evel Dick saunters up to his spot on the panel. He’s still got an ego the size of a school bus, and I’m not sure when he last did laundry, but I have to admit that his responses to the ensuing questions were shockingly smart.

Noted and self-proclaimed diva Chima applies makeup just seconds before the panel begins. The panel lasted about ninety minutes, and I have to admit that it was super fun. But I’m also a Big Brother geek.

A photo with my dearest Twitter pal Michelle. I’d like to note that my hair was doing crazy, crazy things that day.

Hey, who’s that strummin’ a gee-tar up there?

Why, it’s Andrew Garcia from season nine of American Idol!


A lone woman tends to her booth.

It’s Kent (née Kynt) and Vyxsin! They were very friendly and quite the eyeful. The two of them were making the rounds, inviting people to a viewing party of last night’s Amazing Race at Hooters in Burbank. Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it.

It’s the gang from Pit Boss! And yes, Ronald (Asian guy in the plaid) continues to have the most silky smooth voice of all time.

My new BFF Omarosa gets interviewed by OTRC. We shared a special moment afterwards. Also, we tasked a woman to take a picture of us, but this proved to be a highly difficult challenge for her. The results were blurry and unflattering; so you’ll just have to imagine me and Omarosa smiling / sharing the most tender of embraces.

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  1. The synchronized Brenchel wave in the background of the Chima-makeup-application picture is MY FAVORITE part of this.

    1. That was not a wave, but appeared to be a clapping on the part of Rachel since both of her arms are involved.

  2. Why was the place so empty? I noticed Brenchal and Matt and Ragan where sitting as far away as possible. What were the questions about? Did you ask any questions? So curious about last years BB cast.

    1. Ironically, Brenchal, Matt, and Ragan are all good friends, and Kristen and Rachel get along fairly well these days.

    2. This place was probably so empty because these people are losers and they don’t deserve anyone’s attention much less the admission fee to the freak show. Holy god, this was in LA and it failed. Thank god reality TV is dead.

  3. From the looks of the size of the “crowd” it could have been held in one of those boxes from last night’s The Apprentice.

  4. I just got really excited by the photo of Kent and Vyxsin! And I agree with Laura, flesh out the BB stuff.

  5. “Evel Dick saunters up to his spot on the panel. He’s still got an ego the size of a school bus, and I’m not sure when he last did laundry, but I have to admit that his responses to the ensuing questions were shockingly smart.”

    I would love to hear Evel Dick’s answers that were shockingly smart. I also would love to hear what other nuggets came from that panel. Please share.

  6. I like how they only put out 20 chairs for the Idol reject’s panel and they STILL couldn’t fill them all!

  7. What’s up with the Antique Appraisal booth? Who goes to a Reality Rocks Expo with antiques in hand? Poor appraisal lady.

  8. Nice pics of the BB panel thanks for posting it.. Looks like Hayden has yet to cut his hair. What was discussed on the panel?

    Look like the crowds were pretty sparse, did the expo have a poor turn out?

  9. Thank god, yes, Rachel kept her mouth shut for almost 3/4 of the show, yes. I didn’t see the beginning, so I didn’t realize WHY she was so quiet. Loved all the excuses about producer manipulation and then ED telling them all its because YOU let them. AWESOME! He won because he didn’t let production manipulate his game and he was not a sheep telling everyone how he was gonna vote. He didn’t even know until last min. Lydia is bitter. Wow, that girl just isn’t gonna let it go. Brendon is still blaming edit on the way Rachel looks and they opened up teasing brenchal about having sex on live feeds. Brendon has some dumb ass answer about normal bodily functions. GROSS! LOL Matt and Reagan were awesome and genuinely grateful for the experience. IF there were an all star they would be there. Lydia trash talked production to the point of never being invited back to even help with a competition. What was so interesting was the HG’s that still dont get it. Even with ED explaining it to them, they were so full of freak’n excuses about not having a chance because of production. Chima! WTF? and why was she there? Laughed at Michelle talking about being teamed up with Ronnie. No shit, the poor girl. UGH! She did make it far considering though. Alot of complaining about the twists. Loved it when an audience pointed out that the theme is expect the unexpected. UH,, can we say a certain somebody was less then kind toward Jordan’s win to the point of insinuating that she was too stupid to win? High five to Kristen for the way she handled the Hayden comment. You go girl. Class all the way. Agree, MrMojo, Rachel’s answers were all over the place and she just sounded stupid. the ol’ this game was “life or death” to me. WHATEVER!

    1. Thanks for the info on Saturday’s LA event. What was the comment made to Kristen about Hayden, and what was her response? Thanks!

    2. OMG, Chima laughed? Did you run out of the room with hands over your ears? I remember making wincing noises whenever she did that before she got auf’ed on the show.

  10. I think you missed a lot of the show. Your article does not mention or show the 200 people waiting to audition for Wipeout or the line around the corner for Sinbad at the WE Wedding Central booth or the kids painting art for Africa at the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tent. Why always look for the negative? Saturday was pretty packed, but no mention of the awards show where a Who’s Who in Reality Producers came out. This is a twisted reality, take a closer look before you go for the easy story. Shameful! Comic Con started small too, guess you would have written it was not worth continuing right…?

    1. I love the irony of a defender of a reality TV convention complaining about selective editing.

      Hey, I never said I didn’t enjoy myself. My schedule didn’t permit me to go on Saturday, and like I said, the big stars were apparently there that day. I can only report on what I saw. Furthermore, I never said it was not worth continuing. That’s just you projecting some assumptive meaning onto this post. I’m all for it. I do think a smaller venue would benefit the expo until it gets bigger.

    2. Another person who attempts to hold a blogger to the standard of a journalist. B-Side writes to entertain, not to be objective and present all sides. Whether it was fair or not it was funny, which was the point. That was probably the biggest crowd Andrew Garcia has played in front of for a year.

  11. Bigger crowds would have shown up if better players were there. No one wants to see these hasbeens.

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