In an effort to promote further activity on the site and community building and all that fun stuff, I’ve decided to introduce a Comment of the Week feature that will highlight some of the best and funniest contributions by you, my dear readers. Whoever is selected will have his or her quote featured on the sidebar for a whole week (oooooh!!) and will thus be able to use those bragging rights in whatever manner seems appropriate.

I must say that there were some funny comments this week, partially thanks to some leftovers from last week’s Ina Garten flame war. But whose commentary reigned supreme? Why, it’s this one:

“Damn. Why is a dick in a mouth an insult? It’s a positive thing for most people. Just sayin.” — Dainsey on Make-A-Wish Kid Rejects Ina Garten, Is Awful

Runners up after the jump…

“Larsa was so pissed at having to waste her afternoon at that organic lunch simply because it cut into her time at home with nothing but her delusions of grandeur for company.” — John on REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI PHOTOCAP: The Drama Finally Arrives Just As The Season Ends

“I’m pretty sure Bridget wanted to do me.” — IndianJones on Inside the Painted Nail Spring Launch Party

“As an Eagles fan, I can only hope to be as disappointed as Pats/Brady fans.” — sg-dub on QUICK HIT: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Are Building A Massive Mansion

4 replies on “COMMENT OF THE WEEK: 4/4/11 – 4/10/11”

  1. Wow! My very first comment earns a runner-up position. I’m honored, and humbled, and all that other stuff you’re supposed to graciously say in situations such as these. Yet, being the realist that I am, I know (Alas!) it’s all downhill from here.

  2. I think they did kick them out or evict them fast why would someone leave a perceft computer and television with pictures and some furniture I bet they really sell the stuff they find but don’t want to admit it

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