Me showing my support of Ina during these trying times.

The Ina Garten scandal continues! After news broke that the beloved cook had refused to visit wee Enzo Pereda as part of a Make-A-Wish request, Ina made an about face and not only called Enzo, but invited him to her set. But guess what? The little punk turned her down! That’s right, after all that — after his family went to the media and complained about Ina’s indifference and their son’s broken heart — they rejected her offer, saying “I don’t want to put my son through all these emotions. We’re better off just leaving everything the way it is.”

These people are awful. If they didn’t want to put their son through all “these emotions,” they shouldn’t have aired their dirty business out in the press. And what sort of “emotions” other than pure JOY and WONDERMENT would come out of letting Enzo visit Ina’s set? So what if she rejected him twice? It’s all very passive-aggressive, and I can’t help but feel that the Peredas are merely out for publicity. Why else would they have leaked this to the media in the first place?

Listen, if Ina Garten comes calling, you do NOT turn her down. I don’t care if you’re a little boy with cancer or not. That would be like adding coffee to chocolate and NOT commenting on the real depth of flavor! It would be like folding egg whites and NOT reminding us that it’s classic French technique. It would be like using saffron and NOT TELLING US THAT SAFFRON IS THE STAMEN OF CROCUSES!

Hmmm… this is all so insidious and crafty — clearly BARBARA LIEBERMAN is behind this!

Team Ina.

Full, awful story here (thanks Boop)

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  1. Wow, I really thought you were punking me and playing an April Fools’ trick… I think it’s funny that she got denied. Serves her right–those Make a Wish kids are truly sick and I can’t see any good reason except for major scheduling problems to cancel or deny them.

  2. Alright, B-Side, I know Ina is your lovergirl, but c’mon. He’s 6, he’s got cancer, she ignored him. I’d be a little pissed too, if I were his parents.

    1. If you were a kid, and you wrote a letter to your favorite rock star or movie star or idol, and you never heard back; so you wrote another, and you still didn’t hear back, and then finally your parents managed to guilt that superstar into saying hi to you, HOW PSYCHED WOULD YOU BE???

      The fact that this kid’s parents then rejected Ina on behalf of their kid shows that they were just in it for the publicity because quite frankly, when you’re six, you’re excited no matter what. And the parents took that away from Enzo. So THERE!

      Team Ina.

      1. TEAM INA you are kidding me, shame on you……………………………………………

  3. Also, in the story it doesn’t say they didn’t hear back, it says she turned them down.

  4. I find it hard to believe Ina turned a sick kid down. I am waiting for the rest of the story. My five year old niece LOVES The Barefoot Contessa so much her mother had to put a limit on her tv viewing.
    team Ina.

  5. I think that Ina got a bum deal in the whole business personally (I have doubts she personally knew about any request, I think it was probably bungled by one of her staff. But even if it was bungled I am calling shenanigans on the MAW staffer and the boy’s Mom after I read this thing on ( The key part for me was:

    “The boy was turned down last year and again this month. Pereda’s mother described their family’s ordeal in a recent post on her blog:

    “As we were arriving home from the hospital I got word from ‘Make A Wish’ that it is has been officially confirmed that Ina Garten (the ‘Barefoot Contessa’) has declined Enzo’s wish to meet her and cook a meal with her,” she wrote. ”

    Why would a MAW staffer tell Enzo or his Mother that she declined? Why couldn’t they just simply state that they were not able to coordinate that wish? I am sure that she does a lot of other charity work but part of the job of the charity is to shield the celebs that help them out. Based on the excerpt above I don’t think MAW did themselves any favors.

    I think there should be some healthy skepticism placed on Enzo’s family for publicizing this, especially since she declined the offer to meet and says ““I don’t want to put my son through all these emotions. We’re better off just leaving everything the way it is.” I am sorry but this is just looking more and more fishy to me.

    I am very sorry about Enzo’s health but it does seem that he is doing well now and that is a good thing.

  6. “Poor” Ina doesn’t have enough time for kiddie charity! That little kid with cancer learned that cooking for the elite in the Hamptons is waaay more imporatant than Make a Wish!

  7. it’s all looking a liitle shady to me now too. Not that I’m “team Ina”, but if I had to guilt trip a celeb to meet my sick kid, you’d better be damn sure that the meeting would take place! I think that Enzo should paint the dolphins with saffron and then make them a nice meal with good fish.

    1. Yes you got that rigth it’s not your son (good for you and your “team Ina”) I hope you never have to go throught something like that, you don’t have the minimun idea.

  8. My nephew had cancer and he got to make a wish. They ask what you would like and say they will try to make it happen. I am sure they told the family she had scheduling conflicts. I would believe that is why the family held out & asked again. My problem with Ina is that she still had scheduling conflicts. The assistant (if that was the case) should have let her know this was a 2nd request. I get that she’s busy but come on! I think if this were a football player some of you on team Ina would feel different. I would feel honored to help. KNOW THAT!

    1. I never said that I was “team Ina”. I think it’s crappy that she turned the kid down twice. I also think that it’s crappy that after all the public attention brought to this, when she accepted (out of guilt or whatever reason) his parents reactions were to turn HER request down. Three strikes done, but Enzo is the one that loses in this deal. They could have kept it out of the media and just explained to him that celebs aren’t always who you want them to be but animals are always cool, and then had a nice day with the dolphins.

  9. I’m still waiting for Food Network reaction (they are her bosses) and the whole situation is sh…..ty. Don’t you have an opinion?. there is two sides of the story, but at this point Enzo is wining the game. (I hope he wins, shame on INA and her TEAM)

  10. INA failed, obviously. She is now in protection mode….

    Protecting her money, her rep, everything ever related to her. She better do some Heimlich, or something, or IN-A is out

  11. Team Ina? If this isn’t an April Fool’s joke you seriously need to pull your head out of your ass or Ina’s ass or wherever it is. Calling a family struggling with a seriously ill child “awful” for not dropping everything for Ina is, well, simply awful. I hope that you get whatever job on Ina’s staff or the Food Channel you’ve been kissing all of this ass to get.

    1. Maybe if you’d get that dick out of your mouth and pay attention you’d understand what is being said here.

      No one says the parents HAVE to drop everything for INA. BUT it is hypocritcal of them to make a spectacle over some celebrity not wanting to see their sick kid, but then acting two faced and doing the same way to her.

      But I guess you’re not a rational person and would prefer someone to get their “just desserts” rather than hope that people would not stoop to such levels of hypocracy and attention grabbing.

      1. Damn. Why is a dick in a mouth an insult? It’s a positive thing for most people. Just sayin.

  12. Great comment, Tara! I applaud!

    sick kids, no options. i dont care about your idols, that is sick

  13. I don’t see why Ina is getting a bad rap for not dropping everything to meet up with a sick kid. Is she supposed to meet with every sick child on earth? Should she also be expected to spend a few minutes with every person affected by the Japanese earthquake/tsumani? Maybe she should take every person with AIDS on a heliciopter tour of the hamptons and every person with heart disease and kidney failure to Disneyland. I am looking forward to her call to my house when she makes her daily required call to everyone who has ever experienced bullying in elementary school. Everyone has a sad story or tragedy in their life, that doesn’t mean every celebrity needs meet with you. I am heart broken for poor Enzo but it does seem like something was awry in the way this story came out. Are celebrities really obligated to meet with every sad story they hear about? TEAM INA!!!

  14. Firecat is right, the evil smiling Giada is behind all of this. Then again, that Sandra Lee is a pretty shady character.

    1. Sandra Lee isn’t sober enough to orchestrate all this. Though she does seem the type.

  15. Maybe the parents turned down her request because the second request, swimming with dolphins came through. I wouldn’t want to jerk a kid around saying she’s coming, she’s not coming, we’re going to see dolphins, oh, never mind, she’s coming so no dolphins. Stupid. She should have said yes the first time. Not going to blame the parents of a SICK CHILD for any of this. If they were dicks, so be it. Their kid might die. Dick away, I say.

    1. my grandpa died of cancer, does that mean people have to treat me with respect?

      then shut up

  16. Call waiting, I think you’re onto something here. Ina has made been making passive-aggressive comments re: Sandra (in particular her “tablescapes”) for some time now…

  17. I still find it odd that the kid’s wish was to meet a 60+ year old Food Network personality vs. like, iCarly or the Biebs.

    In the words of Jack Donaghy, “Her name is the Barefoot Contessa. And you’ll NEVER be like her.”

  18. I still think that some other Food Network host should have jumped on this opportunity. Can you imagine if Rachel Ray would have intercepted this altercation and had little Enzo on her show?

    That would have left as poor of a taste in Ina’s mouth as if someone used BAD VANILLA in her macaroons.

  19. All of these comments make a bit of sense BUT…

    * Why did the parents need to guilt Ina into anything? Six year old boy. Cancer. Make-A-Wish. That wasn’t enough of a guilt trip right there?
    *And Ina is no rockstar. She’s a fat chef married to some gay dude. Get a grip.
    *You’re right, Ina doesn’t need to take all wayward souls away to be healed…because they don’t ask for her stupid ass by name. This kid just happened to.
    *I think the parents were royally pissed (as I would be) and complained. The media picked the story up and ran with it. Could they have declined interviews afterwards? Sure, but fuck her.
    *I agree that what the parent meant about messing with Enzo’s emotions is the switching of the wishes. She said no (twice) so now it’s the dolphins. The dolphins it shall stay.

    I can’t stress this enough: fuck Ina.

    1. Well said. Ina’s camp is in damage control mode. Enzo’s parents are in emotional damage control mode. They have a one track mind at this point. If my kid wanted to meet Ina, I’d be on every talk show talking about how she turned him down. Whatever it takes to get the boy what he wants. Screw her. She makes Martha seem warm and fuzzy.

  20. For all you people with such strong opinions about what a stranger should be doing with their time and money: Ask yourself, “What have *I* done for sick kids lately?” If the answer is, “Nothing” or “I’m not a celebrity” then SHUT UP.

  21. Team Ina. I don’t care who thinks that’s heartless and cruel. It is disturbing to see this passive aggressive behavior of the mother of this child, in particular. If this were indeed the greatest, most precious wish of their child, you let it happen. You don’t decide to go into “pay back” mode and make sure you good and truly complete your campaign to embarrass a celebrity chef by refusing the offer extended that what, get this, completes the wish of your sick child!

    Shame on these parents for taking the “how dare you deny my child?” story to the public. How dare they make this an emotional experience for their child instead of encouraging him to not take it personally and choose another wish. But noooo, they makes it feel exactly like the biggest rejection this child will ever know. The mature adult protection instinct went missing in this mother and she acted like she was on a playground.

    They did this to their child, not Ina. Or any other celebrity that might have turned him down. You don’t forget that protecting your child emotionally is critical. You can’t react in an emotionally immature way because it is hurting your child.

    Everybody wants to reduce this so simplistically but when you see parents like this maybe Ina’s reps had reason to believe that her time might be better spent fulfilling obligations of genuine charitable ends, instead of what does not appear to be the pure, innocent, wish of a sick child.

    But go ahead, reduce it sentimentally if it makes you feel superior. Oh, and be sure to call Ina fat, as if that has anything to do with anything.


    1. Alright, so according to you people who believe what Ina did was fucked up think themselves “superior” and others suggest the parents are famewhores but no one can call this bitch fat? Are we blind? Well, I’m not. And she is. If this were a Paula Dean post no way would I take it there. But this uppity twat pissed people off.

      Why would the parents say yes after her two nos. To watch her fake fucken smile and stiff disposition all the while totally disgusted that she was forced by her PR people to be there. I’d be afraid I’d punch her in her fug face in the middle of it.

      1. why would they decline her offer if they made such a big deal about her rejecting them?

        Because they want attention and money

        1. my name is drew and i have nothing better to do than defend fat people and hate on little kids with cancer. if you see me on the street, please beat the shit out of me. i deserrve it.

          1. Hi I’m Nav. If you’re a healthy human being (or just fat) you’re worthless to me. I only defend people who are sick to make myself look like a good person so I can trick my god into allowing me into Heaven because I’m a self serving bitch. Tee hee, I misinterpret every statement I read because I’m too busy choking on my own dick to read thoroughly.

            If you see me, please send your sympathies to my parents, who everyday regret ever conceiving me and burdening the world with my existence.

  22. how dare you call this little boy with cancer a punk. you think it was his idea or the parents to not go with ina., he is 6 they said no ina and yes to dolphins so he got excited for that.
    i had respect for you until i read this. how coudl you take some fat cooks side over a 6 yr old cancer patient.

    1. Because, you stupid cow, having cancer DOES NOT entitle you to anything.

      How do you treat a cancer patient? The same way you treat everyone else. If a kid with cancer acts like a brat or if his parents do, then how are they any better than a healthy kid and his parents?

      Instead of being a stupid hypocrite, why don’t you go volunteer with kids. I garuntee you that you’ll find children from all walks of life both healthy and sick who are of just as much value as Enzo. If someone having cancer is the only reason you can give to treat someone better or to shelter them, then you’re just a piece of trash who does nothing but patronize someone only when they’re sick. Go fuck yourself.

      1. call a little kid with cancer a punk. defending that, hell you shall go.
        go fuck yourself you fat ina defending idiot.

        1. Lemme guess the only reason you’re giving special treatment to this kid is because it makes you feel better about yourself right? You don’t actually care about him, you don’t care about his feelings, you don’t even care about the situation. No, you tote around your ill conceived morals to make yourself look better when all you look is PRETENTIOUS.

          ONE Kid with cancer is no different from the millions of children out there in the world, many of which have their own disorders and diseases they have to fight and live with. Unlike you, I do not treat people different based on their situation or their physical characteristics, I base it off of their character.

          If a child or teen is acting like a punk, then that’s what they are. Cancer does not give them a “get out of jail free” card. A person’s illness does not change their actions.

          oh and I’m not defending Ina, I barely know who she is. But I will defend B Side Blog from trash like you. How bout you go shove your face into a pillow until you stop breathing so the rest of us don’t have to deal with your nonsense. I’d like to be able to browse online without having to listen to hypocritical pieces of trash. Have fun in your imaginary hell, because I guarantee you I won’t be there. I have no intention of being anywhere you’ll be staying.

          Ciao bitch

  23. legit i am going to make sure this article gets spread just the way you spread other peoples faults. you should be held accountable for your actions in the public. this is disgusting.

  24. LOL. I wouldn’t have a clue who Ina even is if it wasn’t for this blog! As soon as I read the article, my first thought was “I think that’s the lady B-Side blogs about.”

    I can’t say I’m “Team Ina” because I couldn’t pick her out of herd of hogs, but I think it’s crazy weird that the family made a big fuss about her not able to meet with their son, and then turn around and reject the offer. If one of my sons ever got sick, I’d be doing my damnedest to get them to meet their idol. So, yeah, I’d probably raise a stink too if my kid was rejected (er…twice) by someone he wanted to meet. But if that person came back and worked my kid in, we’d be there in a heartbeat, and I’d be doing my best to put on a positive spin on it for my kid’s sake.

  25. Ina I love you. All these ignorant nitwits are just threaned by your intelligence and strong will. They always have been. The highly educated, semi-affluent upper middle class will continue to support you through these difficult times. The trolls who can’t afford good vanilla or cheese clothes were just waiting to jump on an issue like this. Make no mistake about it, this is class warfare. But you are better and you will prevail. I, personally, am looking forward to stocking up on your cookbooks as they become slightly discounted.

  26. jesus christ you people.

    lets break it down:

    (1) this whole post AND SITE is so very tongue in cheek

    (2) what fucking SIX YEAR OLD loves ina? parental machination

    (3) if you have any anyone who is anyone in your circle of friends you would realise that they get these requests ALL THE FUCKING TIME. more importantly, people like ina are TEN PEOPLE REMOVED FROM THE REQUEST, if they are good.

    so to THINK ina single handedly turned this kid down–you are a total idiot.

    FOURTH–if you think for some reason that b-side is suddenly PRO-CANCER then yes. you are an idiot.

    these parents COMPLETELY sold ina’s office out. when they didnt get what they wanted THEY USED THEIR SICK CHILD’S CANCER TO TRY AND GET WHAT THEY WANTED.


    if they TRULY loved ina, and ina offered an invite, why would the parents not do ALL THEY CAN to ensure their sick child lived his or her ultimate fantasty?

    fuck them.

    1. jash- well said. I especially liked how the angrier you got, you went from 123 to FOURTH! Kudos to you.

  27. I don’t know who Ina is (besides the stuff I skim on here), but the comments have made my day. Mind you, my day sucks, so it doesn’t take much. But day improved. Win!

  28. Okay…the only insults I hurled were at Ina. This is getting out of control. Insulting each other is futile since we’re not changing anyone’s mind or converting anyone to our school of thought. I’ve said my peace (not so peacefully, I suppose) so let’s all agree to disagree.

    *goes into a rendition of We Are The World*

  29. I’m pretty sure this could all be resolved if Ina just shows up, puts on her best swimming-skirt-suit and hops in the water and joins Enzo and the dolphins for a good time. 🙂

  30. You can’t be serious. I would have definitely turned dowm Ina. I mean what sort of insensitive person says no in the first place. You have got to be nuts. I’ll eait until a family member of yours is sick and possibly dieing. Let’s see how that sits with you. Wow the boldness of such people

  31. This B-Side dude must be in a relationship with Ina’s florist to be stuck so far up her butt. I can’t believe he refers to a child with cancer as a “punk”. Karma karma karma…

  32. Famil behaved badly. I will never support Make a Wish ever again if it going to help trashy,entitled,selfish family like the Perdo family. Their son is not important to other people, especaill total strangers they have never even met or know personally. This is a sense of entitlement. I Hope Make a Wish cuts ties with this family. They dont deserve anymore “wishes” for their bratty, immature behaviour. It was their fault. All of it. They did not even once show their face at all but they kept putting that one pathetic picture of their son out in the press. Disgusting. Trashing a celebrity publicially because they got told no. WOW. It show what kind of families Make a Wish choses( and yes they are the ones who get to chose which families would benefit from it). I hope Ina Garten or whatever her name is gets her already ruined reputaion back. There was no need for any of this. Shame on the Peredo family.

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