HLN is debuting a new show starring Dr. Drew Pinsky next week called… Dr. Drew. To celebrate the premiere, the news network staged a nifty little soirée last night at Katana here in Los Angeles. I don’t really have much to report from the event, but since I went and took advantage of the open bar and free apps, I figured I’d pay the organizers back by throwing some publicity their way. Check out some random pics after the jump.

The restaurant offered up take-out boxes full of sweet, tangy miso-glazed shrimp. I wasn’t allowed to bring a guest; so rather than stand awkwardly in the corner, I sat awkwardly in the corner and took pictures of the box.

Branding, etc.

Dr. Drew courts many admirers. He seemed to know everyone in the crowd. I didn’t really see any other celebrities there. Oh, except Andy Dick, who I parked next to, and Gloria Allred, who actually nudged me out of the way at one point. At first I was annoyed at whoever was pushing me, but when I saw it was her, I realized that this could be nothing short of the highlight of my night.

Later, I ambled over to The Standard for a Surfing Magazine party. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the man on the right stripped down and later dunked his head in the pool. Surfers!! [shaking fist]

The cover model with her cover.

Are you all dazzled?

Was working on taxes all day; photocaps of Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, Real Housewives, and Jersey Shore to come…

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  1. Amazing to realize how far he’s come since we first heard about him on Big Brother 1.

  2. Oh that’s just great. Now we are all going to have to sell mango splitters to raise money for the defense fund when B gets sued for unwanted touching by Gloria Alred.

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