Finally, at long last, we have a new Top Chef. And he’s not just any Top Chef. He’s a Top Chef amongst all-stars. Yes, Top Chef: All Stars wrapped up its stellar season with a nail-biting finale that had me guessing until the very last minute. The producers and editors did a phenomenal job of […]

VIDEO: Padma Lakshmi Gives B-Side Blog A Roast Chicken Recipe!

Yesterday, I covered a Bravo red carpet event, which meant I had my dream come true of meeting Padma Lakshmi, hostess of Top Chef. Here’s a video of me asking her about what I should bring to a pot luck later that night. I was very impressed with how quickly she thought of a recipe […]

PHOTOS: B-Side Blog Tangles With Bravo Celebrities at Red Carpet Event

My head is about to explode. I just met way too many Bravo celebrities for my system to handle. Tonight, as we speak, Bravo is holding a party just down the street at the Roosevelt Hotel for its various stars and luminaries. The event has been billed as both an “Upfronts presentation” and a season […]


It’s getting down to the wire on Top Chef: All Stars, and I’m most dismayed to report that Mike Isabella has been coming on strong so far. How did this happen? Coming in to this week’s episode, he had already beaten out a Voltaggio in one challenge and taken home the big prize for another. […]


Our five finalists on Top Chef: All-Stars headed down to the Bahamas Wednesday night for the first of several final challenges. After last week’s strong showing, it was hard to imagine who might go home next. But alas, a new country brought on new challenges, and whereas once these chefs soared, they now seemed barely […]

TOP CHEF PHOTOCAP: Richard Was Robbed!

SCANDAL! This week’s Top Chef: All Stars was riddled with intrigue as Richard Blais accused Mike Isabella of plagiarizing a recipe. It all happened after Mike read through Richard’s little notebook, which featured a “chicken oysters” idea. You see, the oyster is an oft-overlooked part of a chicken, and Richard had a nifty idea to […]

TOP CHEF PHOTOCAP: Sesame Street & Target — What Could Be Better?

Soooooooo… I haven’t recapped Top Chef: Masters all season long, and I don’t really know why. I mean, I love it. I really do. I think I needed a little break. But now that we’re in the final stretch, I feel the need to speak my mind on the matter. Besides, how could anyone keep […]

TOP CHEF PHOTOCAP: Those Bastards!

Hands down, Wednesday’s episode of Top Chef: DC was the best of the season, and perhaps the best in a few seasons. And it’s not just because of Nancy Pelosi (the secret crush of my friend IndianJones). The episode brought out all the big guns: the always crazy blindfold relay, restaurant wars, Pelosi, and even […]


I lurve Top Chef: DC, and not just because we have a fun cast full of colorful characters. I’m really digging the challenges, which seem to truly mine local DC traditions. This week, the gang had to serve up a toothpick-sized hors d’oeuvre for the Quick Fire and then a meaty power lunch for the […]