Finally, at long last, we have a new Top Chef. And he’s not just any Top Chef. He’s a Top Chef amongst all-stars. Yes, Top Chef: All Stars wrapped up its stellar season with a nail-biting finale that had me guessing until the very last minute. The producers and editors did a phenomenal job of […]


It’s getting down to the wire on Top Chef: All Stars, and I’m most dismayed to report that Mike Isabella has been coming on strong so far. How did this happen? Coming in to this week’s episode, he had already beaten out a Voltaggio in one challenge and taken home the big prize for another. […]

TOP CHEF PHOTOCAP: Sesame Street & Target — What Could Be Better?

Soooooooo… I haven’t recapped Top Chef: Masters all season long, and I don’t really know why. I mean, I love it. I really do. I think I needed a little break. But now that we’re in the final stretch, I feel the need to speak my mind on the matter. Besides, how could anyone keep […]

CHECK IT OUT: More TV Banter!

About six weeks ago, I posted about a web show I’m hosting, and I’m happy to report that we finally taped a second episode last week. Joining me once again was Matt Whitfield, the Features editor for Yahoo! Entertainment, and just like last time, we spent a good amount of energy talking about The Real […]