CHECK IT OUT: More TV Banter!

About six weeks ago, I posted about a web show I’m hosting, and I’m happy to report that we finally taped a second episode last week. Joining me once again was Matt Whitfield, the Features editor for Yahoo! Entertainment, and just like last time, we spent a good amount of energy talking about The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills, not to mention The A-List: New York, Survivor, and The Amazing Race (among others).

Check out the video above (fast forward a minute or two to get past the music — I don’t know why it was so long). Hope you enjoy!

We’re hoping to record another episode this week; so keep an eye out on this blog or my Twitter for information on how you can watch it live. Plus, there will hopefully be more Banter with Ben & Lisa soon too…

6 replies on “CHECK IT OUT: More TV Banter!”

  1. Amazingly, I seem to agree with both of you – even when you disagree!

    I want to point out something about Kim on BH: she needs to reshape her eyebrows. They are a little too sad/perplexed shaped for me. I think it may change her life. Then, every time she looks in a mirror she won’t have to think, “I’m sad? Why am I sad? Is it because my children are growing up?” and *poof* she is free to be happy.

  2. Much better this time. I was only able to watch the part with the Housewives but your thoughts were interesting. I’m not on the Kyle train, but I do agree that people seem to like her (I don’t know why-she seems hostile and downright bullying towards Kim). She’s no Nene or Bethenny. Lisa is definitely more the breakout star of this franchise.

    I also agree with you on Taylor. Yeah, she got big lips but it’s her lips, who cares. People have been so hard on them for having plastic surgery. I’m sure wherever Taylor goes, she gets noticed as she already seems striking on TV, much more so on the streets.

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