Yesterday, I covered a Bravo red carpet event, which meant I had my dream come true of meeting Padma Lakshmi, hostess of Top Chef. Here’s a video of me asking her about what I should bring to a pot luck later that night. I was very impressed with how quickly she thought of a recipe (compared to Curtis Stone, who as you’ll see in a later video, became a touch flustered).

Anyway, the sad news is that I was too tired to go to the potluck last night, but you can bet that when it rolls around again next week, I’m bringing this dish (and bragging about its origins all the way).

Thanks PAD!

10 replies on “VIDEO: Padma Lakshmi Gives B-Side Blog A Roast Chicken Recipe!”

  1. Sage words… “you want to shove that in the cavity” .
    I’m on a 12 step program to stop my use of “that’s what she said”, but I may have to fall of the wagon for this.

  2. Sweet Moses! High 5 B-Side!!! I can’t believe you didn’t ask Pad (you call her Pad now that y’all is besties) the obvious question “Do you want to go do bong hits in my car?”

    1. lq – on WWHL they showed Pad & Gail throughly enjoying the Craft Services’ food. Looked like the munchies to me.


  3. You should’ve asked her where Gail was.

    I would piss in my pants if she had said “Oh, she’s still in the limo finishing her bucket of fried chicken with cole slaw. Bless her heart!”

  4. Could have been operator error, but I actually made this, and found that the honey on the outside of the chicken made the skin start to overcook before the meat was done….

  5. Yeah, yeah. Padma’s beautiful and sweet. Whatever. My favorite part was when she was almost drowned out due to an ear splitting “Woo Hoo” and then the haggard looking Tamra, Peggy and Vicki come stumbling into frame behind Padma. Talk about a juxtaposition of beauty.

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