My head is about to explode. I just met way too many Bravo celebrities for my system to handle.

Tonight, as we speak, Bravo is holding a party just down the street at the Roosevelt Hotel for its various stars and luminaries. The event has been billed as both an “Upfronts presentation” and a season finale bash for Top Chef. Whatever it was, there were many Bravo faces there, and when I got the invite to cover the red carpet, I was only too happy to sign up. This was actually quite momentous for me as I’d never done a red carpet before. I tell people that I like to be IN the party, not behind the press lines, but let’s be honest: the real reason I’d never done a red carpet is that I’m often too lazy to go fight may way past other bloggers and reporters (and then later transcribe whatever drivel I’ve captured on film).

Still, even though I’m generally loathe to go to cover a red carpet, there were just too many Housewives and Top Chef stars to ignore. Plus, this was all going on just feet from my pad. How could I say no? And so with my handy camera, I headed to the event and took many pictures and videos. The videos probably won’t go up until tomorrow. But for now, we have plenty of pics…

The red, er, blue carpet prior to celebrity arrivals.

My charming press pass.

Press Corps by Bravo.

The first stars arrive. In the foreground: Josh from Million Dollar Listing. Behind him is Curtis Stone of Top Chef Masters, and behind him is — gasp — PADMA!

The guys from MDL. Josh Altman was very well dressed. Like a good Jewish boy.

That sudden influx of blondeness is exactly what you think it is: the arrival of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The real messy coif belongs to Peggy. She looked like she had backed her hair into an industrial fan.

No offense, MDL fans, but I hate the show. I didn’t bother chatting with the guys.

The OC ladies. And am I right about Peggy’s hair?

Vicki wore perhaps the most unflattering dress she could have chosen. I could see her boob scars from ten feet away. Literally. (Also note Kara DioGuardia in the background, not to mention the curly ‘fro of Elia from Top Chef.)

Not a good look.

A better angle of Kara. I sadly didn’t get to talk to her because the reporter next to me kept poaching everyone who I tried to chat with. Bitch.

Zomg. Padma. And yes, she is STUNNING in person. STUNNING. Did I emphasize that enough? STUNNING.

The good news is that I got to talk to Padma (video to come). The bad news is that while I was chatting with her, the OC Housewives snuck by. I think I got the better end of the deal.

Gretchen and Alexis. I really wanted to ask Alexis about Jesus, but somehow these girls also snuck by me. In the background are a few Top Chefs — Antonia, Elia, Fabio, Marcel, and Jamie. I spoke with Antonia and Fabio extensively. Jamie meanwhile was stuck on the carpet with no one to chat with. She had to check her text messages so she didn’t look totally unwanted.

The entire cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were the final group to show up. They were also the most sought-after. Note the presence of Giggy.

Brad Goreski cheeses out with the press. The woman next to me didn’t know who he was. “HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW BRAD?” I exclaimed. Normally, I would feel bad about calling out another red carpet warrior, but considering that she had just said to Brad, “I’m sorry, which show are you from?” I felt it was okay to “put her on blast,” as they say.

Patti Stanger. She looks bored, but she was actually very engaging.

Lisa VanderPump and Giggy. Need I say more? NEED I SAY MORE?

Taylor and Camille. I didn’t get to chat with Camille (my camera died shortly after this photo), but I did manage to ask Taylor a VERY important question. The video shall be posted soon…

Adrienne Maloof. I was going to ask her if Paul had broken his nose recently, but my camera was dying, and I wanted to talk to Camille. Sadly, my gamble lost. Damn you, battery!

So those were the photos. Videos to come…

(btw, enormous props to MK from Popbytes and Wes from Buzznet for both bantering with me during the down times AND offering moral support during my interviews)

30 replies on “PHOTOS: B-Side Blog Tangles With Bravo Celebrities at Red Carpet Event”

    1. Seriously! What was she thinking? Tamra clearly still does not have her back or she would have sent her home to change.

      1. I don’t know why so many women attempt to go braless. Even with fake boobs. If they are big, they are big. After the age of 25 it is not a good look. At all.

  1. The finale for Top chef was great tonight. The NYC after special guests definitely weren’t having as much glam as the LA get together but they were most def sloppier drunk.

  2. Why does your camera suck always, LOL this was a jackpot of all jackpot’s and your freaking camera died. CHARGE IT or buy more batteries. You owe it to us.


  3. WTF was Vicky thinking? I remember old schizophrenic ladies on the subway with orange circles painted on their cheeks, red lipstick slathered on way outside their lip lines and wearing bad wigs thinking how “BEAUTiful” they looked … well, Vicky…not!

  4. I guess Vicky does not own a mirror, she looks dreadful!
    Also, what is that dress/outfit that Patty is wearing? Is too is dreadful

  5. MDL is dreadful – thank you for not talking to them.
    Agree with all previous comments re: Vicky and her saggy mamilla.


  6. This post is made of awesome. I cannot WAIT for the videos.
    Re: Vicki: hork.
    I have a MAD girl-crush on Padma.
    What the hell is Patti Sanger wearing? She needs a patterns intervention.

  7. Maybe the battery in your camera didn’t die, maybe it melted on account of being so close to Tamra’s HOTNESS.

  8. Is it me or is Tamra’s hair all dried out and just hanging like dead wheat on her head this season? Is she spending all her time naked in the bathtub and not going to the salon?

  9. I watched the first season of MDL but I watched one episode of the new season and got very bored very quickly.

  10. Thanks for giving MDL a No Sale. It could be so much more but it’s staying in the low rent district as far as I’m concerned.

    Oh Vicky, have you no shame? Nevermind a bra, the woman needs a paper bag to stick over her head.

  11. You must be still in your “Bravo Heaven” after seeing all the Real Housewives and Top Chefs! You’ve learned a hard lesson about your camera too…next time put extra batteries in your pocket to be safe. I wish you could’ve spoken with Lisa V. or Camile, or any of the housewives at all.

    Thankfully, Mike Isabella did not win Top Chef! We have that to be grateful for at least.

  12. I would pay top dollar (50cents) for a picture of Giggy looking disapprovingly at Vicki’s rack.

  13. Vicky’s Sagmammaries look like they are trying to escape on the downward escalator!
    Padma looks fantastic and the Turtle had to entertain herself on the phone to keep from looking neglegted? Say it isn’t so, perhaps she received a text from her scallops to cheer her up.

  14. I would pay top dollar for a side by side of Vicki and Droopy Dog of MGM cartoon fame; and I’m not talking about her titty-ballz. Her face! I forgot about her face!

  15. Adrienne looks like Madam the puppet who was Waylon’s sidekick. Is that where she went?

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