Oh the joy of Kim G. The unofficial sixth (or rather, fifth) housewife from The Real Housewives of New Jersey had a gloriously daffy blowout with Danielle that proved to be every bit as chaotic and awesome as we could have expected. The trouble began when Danielle asked her to help find her biological mother. […]

Inception, As Told By The Real Housewives

The most buzzworthy film of the summer is Inception, and whether you loved it (everyone) or hated it (um, me), it still left many people scratching their heads. Clearly what we all need is a nice, streamlined version of the story, and what better way to retell this elaborate yarn than by employing the Real […]

Ep. 04: Banter with Ben and Lisa

We’re back with another episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa! This time we once again tackle the Real Housewives of New Jersey, fastidiously dissecting the epic fight on this week’s latest episode. Joining us in the “studio” is jash, who is good for several hearty guffaws and witty asides. I can assure you all […]

Ep. 03, Banter With Ben & Lisa

[powerpress] The podcast is back with a brand new episode! On today’s installment of Banter With Ben & Lisa, we talk exclusively about The Real Housewives of New Jersey! We cover everything from Danielle’s psychosis to Kim G’s thong. And who doesn’t want to talk about that? Take a listen for yourself, and remember that […]

REAL HOUSEWIVES PHOTOCAP: Read Danielle’s Lips — She’s Not Crazy

The loathsome women of The Real Housewives of New Jersey were back last night, and honestly, I’m starting to wish they’d all follow Dina’s lead and exit the show. They’re either boring (Jacqueline), crazy (Danielle), or idiotic (Teresa), and lately, I’m starting to think that none of them (with the exception of Dina) are really […]

The Ten Worst Husbands, Boyfriends, and Significant Others from ‘The Real Housewives’

Not too long ago, I published my lists of the ten best and worst women from the Real Housewives franchise. The rankings seemed to be well-received; so here I am with another go at it, this time aimed at the guys. I’ve compiled a list of the worst husbands and boyfriends from the Housewives franchise, […]

REAL HOUSEWIVES PHOTOCAP: Threatening Situations

Oy vey. These women. The Real Housewives of New Jersey has veered into insanity, but not really the fun kind. More like the tried and true clinical kind. I guess that’s because we’re paying more and more attention to Danielle and her descent into madness. She takes everything the worst possible way, and she seems […]

Ranking The Ten Best ‘Real Housewives’ Housewives

In honor of The Real Housewives of New York City coming to a close tonight, I decided to do some list-making. That’s right: I’ve ranked the ten best Housewives of all time (to be followed shortly by the ten worst). Deciding how to order this list was a bit tricky. Do I rank the women […]

REAL HOUSEWIVES PHOTOCAP: Psycho Scene at the Brownstone

I’ll just get this out of the way. There were only two truths in last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: 1) the big encounter at the Brownstone, while awkward, resulted in nothing, and 2) Danielle is officially psycho. Pay attention, puh-leez! Yes, after weeks of hype, we finally came upon the […]


At long last, Teresa Giudice popped out a fourth baby girl on Monday’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, and what a bizarre production it was. When the gaudy housewife first went into labor, she treated the process as casually as if she had to go pick up her dry-cleaning (oh shoot, I need to do […]