The podcast is back with a brand new episode! On today’s installment of Banter With Ben & Lisa, we talk exclusively about The Real Housewives of New Jersey! We cover everything from Danielle’s psychosis to Kim G’s thong. And who doesn’t want to talk about that? Take a listen for yourself, and remember that you can subscribe to the podcast using your reader or simply by going to iTunes!


7 replies on “Ep. 03, Banter With Ben & Lisa”

  1. Love the banter. See, Bravo needs to be payin you for their Houswives success. I can think of no other reason to watch than your blog! Danielle is my favorite crazy!

  2. This is the first time I have listened to your podcast. Your voice sounds really different than I expected!

    This is my first post… I am such a lurker.

  3. Ben, in order to maintain my fanship of this site, I WILL be subscribing to your podcasts. For you, sir, I will clap.

    You’re awesome. Lisa’s awesome. You work great together.

    Well done. 😀

  4. How could the fashion equivalent of Chateau: The Art of Beauty pull off a show with anything less than 36 outfits? Don’t you see how much class is emanating from that damn country club?

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