We’re back with another episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa! This time we once again tackle the Real Housewives of New Jersey, fastidiously dissecting the epic fight on this week’s latest episode.

Joining us in the “studio” is jash, who is good for several hearty guffaws and witty asides. I can assure you all that our banter goes into overdrive on this episode, and even if you don’t like The Housewives, you might still enjoy this show.


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11 replies on “Ep. 04: Banter with Ben and Lisa”

  1. Love the impersonations! “Hair Fangs”! LMAO! The whole podcast was awesome! I really needed a good laugh today, thanks! Y’all are h*fucking*ilarious!

      1. Absolutely! I already have. I shall relentlessly annoy them until I see comments! Haha!

  2. OMG – thanks to you, Lisa and Jash for the great laughs! I think my favorite segue was the deadpan delivery of, “Then Danielle called the cops.”

    I’ve had an aversion to all the Bravo Housewives shows, but based on your Banter recaps, I’m close to giving in.

    Can’t wait for your next episode!

    1. I’m telling you, you should watch the show. It’s worth it. Plus, the podcast will make way more sense.

  3. I’ve enjoyed the first 3 podcasts, but Jash really made this one that much better. He’s the Randy to your and Lisa’s Simon and Paula. More Jash!

  4. Loved Lisa’s impression of Danielle…”The way she said Danielle was SO VINDICTIVE!!”…loved Jash’s laugh even more.

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