TOP CHEF PHOTOCAP: Richard Was Robbed!

SCANDAL! This week’s Top Chef: All Stars was riddled with intrigue as Richard Blais accused Mike Isabella of plagiarizing a recipe. It all happened after Mike read through Richard’s little notebook, which featured a “chicken oysters” idea. You see, the oyster is an oft-overlooked part of a chicken, and Richard had a nifty idea to […]

My Afternoon With Kobe Bryant

Last weekend I was invited to Kobe Bryant’s handprint and footprint ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and I couldn’t have been more excited. Not only was it my first time attending such an event, but it was also the first time the legendary theater had honored an athlete. This was a momentous and […]

SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: Hunting Down Innocent Prey

It’s only the second episode of Survivor: Redemption Island, but damn this season is white hot. Unlike Nicaragua, these players are ready to play, and in just two shows, we’ve seen scheming, blindsides, and blowups. It feels like we’ve already spent five weeks with these people; although, admittedly, there are about eight nameless faces wandering […]


Heeeere we go! The Real Housewives of Miami premiered last night, and I’m sorry to report that it wasn’t terribly caliente. I’m not writing it off by any means, but the first episode was a bit on the slow side. Already people on Twitter and Facebook are comparing it unfavorably to D.C., but even that […]

Ten Things You Should Stop Doing On Facebook

Every now and then, I like to get on my soap box and complain about Facebook etiquette. It’s been a little while; so I’m back with a new list of pet peeves. Some are retreads of previous complaints. Others are new. There’s certainly a chance I may alienate some of my own Facebook friends by […]


Last week’s part one of the Real Housewives of DC reunion was so bonkers that it restored the faith I had in the series when it first premiered. Truthfully, I was a big fan of the DC cast at first, but midway through the season, the show began to stagnate a touch until the notorious […]

COCKTAIL OF THE WEEK: Spicy Pepino Edition

For the past week, I’d been trying to corral a friend or two to join me in making another Cocktail of the Week (a feature on this site which I must rename because quite frankly “Cocktail of the Week” is entirely too unoriginal. I’m open to suggestions). Anyway, it turns out my friends all had […]

Bobble Bowl 2008!

Tonight my two favorite football players, Santana Moss and Hines Ward, are going head to head in a game I like to call Bobble Bowl 2008. It’s named that because I have bobbleheads of both players, and any time I have an opportunity to take both figurines out and place them next to the TV, […]