Hard to believe, but this recreation of R2D2 is not made of plastic. It is 100% edible. That’s right, ladies and gents. You’re looking at a cake. Of course, sugary recreations of R2D2 are nothing new to this planet, but one sample search of “R2D2 Cake” on Google Images reveals that this might just be the best version ever.
Now, before you put your hands on your hips and give me the skeptical Mo’nique face, rest assured that this is no prank. I can vouch personally for this fondant masterpiece. Turns out it was actually created by my friend Mark Randazzo, a professional baker who just set up shop in NYC. And the answer is YES, I am shilling for him, but for good reason. I mean, look at that damn cake!!! If you’re not convinced, check out the cakes at his new site, markjosephcakes.com. I guarantee you’ll be impressed.