RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: Like, LITERALLY, The Season Is Already Over

It seemed like it had just started, but The Rachel Zoe Project is already over. That’s too bad because I didn’t feel like I got my full dose of lunacy. Don’t get me wrong: there were plenty of quintessential Rachel Zoe moments over the past few weeks, but there was also way too much of […]

RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: Doulas, Kardashians, and Vegas

Like LITERALLY I’m starting to enjoy this season of The Rachel Zoe Project. It was a bit slow at first and entirely too Rodger-centric, but now that professional hanger-on Joey has moved back to LA, we’re witnessing a wonderful power struggle between the gays. Basically, we have Joey, who is quietly catty, territorial, and shifty, […]

RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: Announcing the Rachel Zoe Collection

High drama in the world of The Rachel Zoe Project. Our star headed to New York to debut her collection to the media and buyers, and the stakes could not have been higher. We knew this because Rachel reminded us about this every two seconds. In fact, just when we thought she’d passed one hurdle […]

RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: Literally, Rachel Is Back, and It is, Like, NOT Normal

Our old gal Rachel Zoe is back, and she’s better than ever! Or at least more preggers than ever. Truth is that I’m not totally convinced that season four of The Rachel Zoe Project is off to a great start. Gone now is Brad, who left Rachel’s company this Spring in what I thought was […]

Rachel Zoe Gives B-Side Blog Exclusive Story Behind Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Looks

Last night’s telecast of the Oscars was one of the dullest in years, thanks in part to lackluster nominations, predictable wins, and lame comedy bits. Just about the only thing noteworthy was hostess Anne Hathaway’s perpetually changing wardrobe, which consisted of eight looks overall. I couldn’t help think about the toll this must have put […]

RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: Oh my God. It’s a Sedersaster

We’ve seen a lot of wacky stuff on The Rachel Zoe Project, but the image of Rachel assembling a Passover Seder while wearing a turban and a giant black cloak may truly be the wackiest sight yet. Yes, it was another strange and daffy episode in the world of Zoe, and this one was marked […]

RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: It’s A Feathersaster!

The quest to find Oscar gowns continued on the latest episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, and as the big Hollywood event neared, tensions flared, mostly thanks to Rodger, who spent much of the hour bitching about not getting to see his wife. I think we all like the guy, but Rachel did have a […]

LITERALLY, Rachel Zoe Gets A Clue

Oh my God. Rachel Zoe has LITERALLY made it big time. Yesterday, while flying across the country on American Airlines, I of course took advantage of the crossword puzzle in the back of the American Way magazine, and what should appear as the clue of 17 Down? Well, I’ll let you take a look for […]


The Rachel Zoe project headed to Milan this week with a brief stop in London to fool around with Kate Hudson, who proved to be totally winsome. It was yet another international adventure for the team as they scoured fashion shows in search of the all necessary Oscar gowns for Demi and Cameron, both of […]