A friend posted this odd and kind of hilarious video of an angry Prius driver losing her shit at a couple who apparently have been idling in their diesel truck in a parking spot. On the one hand, the truck driver is being pretty bad to the environment. On the other hand, this Prius driver is pretty bonkers.

Whose side are you on?

8 replies on “YEA OR NAY: Are You On This Prius Driver’s Side?”

  1. ok, i would have kicked her ass. wtf?! if you want to drive your POS prius, fine…but don’t come swearing up a storm in my face. he was pretty controlled.

  2. They’re both pretty ignorant, to be hontest. The truck driver seemed to have his shit in check, but his wife, not so much. His kid sleeping wasn’t a great excuse for leaving his car running for what, I’m assuming from the craaaaaayyyyyyzy anger chubs had built up, was at least 20 minutes. Not that it was crazy bitches place to come up screaming.

    It’s always put a bee in my bonnet when people run their cars while parked for more than a minute or two. You see this a lot in LA with Range Rovers and X5’s, etc. Generally with some blonde toothpick applying makeup or making an uber important phone call. It’s the worst when you are eating outside and they pull park on the curb next to you. So long appetite!

  3. The Prius lady is a kook. Believe in your cause, but to be so judgemental? Eh, let it go lady. Every generation thinks their generation is going to end the world, and yet it keeps spinning. It’ll be alright.

  4. Just because the Prius driver is an obnoxious kook doesn’t mean I’m on the truck driver’s side. They’re all self-satisfied jerks. Makes me want to break out the rocket launcher.

  5. I’m never on the side of someone who isn’t minding their own business. STFU, Prius driver. I like the Prius myself, but really, really dislike self-righteous people who try to make others feel guilty for doing something they don’t like. Especially since judgmental Prius lady needs to put down the trans-fats.

  6. Apparently Prius driver isn’t afraid to become noise polution. I think her behavior is as offensive or MORE offensive then leaving your car idling. I can understand not wanting someone’s exhaust drifting over to your car, but first try closing your windows or ASKING nicely. What a self-righteous tool. Cheryl shoulda clobbered her.

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