VIDEO: “Shit White Girls Say…” Is Actually Funny

Ever since the first, hilarious episode of “Shit Girls Say” hit the Interwebs last month, we’ve seen a flood of knock-offs. At best, they’ve been somewhat amusing, but generally they’re just not as funny as the original (usually thanks to bad editing and subpar performances). The lone exception is the above spoof, “Shit White Girls …

Watch a Sweet Rendition of ‘Teenage Dream’

YouTube covers of pop songs are a dime a dozen, but every now and then, one sticks out from the fray. Case in point: the above cover of Katy Perry’s hit “Teenage Dream,” this time reimagined by Jussie Smollett and singers Chia and Gaby. What can I say? It’s charming.

VIDEO: The Amazing Acting Reel of Dawna Lee Heising (This is Real)

When it comes to acting reels, perhaps none is as impressive as that of Dawna Lee Heising, a visionary actress, model, and producer who’s starred in such films as Forbidden Warrior, The Alien’s Wife, and the upcoming Waiting for Dracula. Dawna also inhabited the iconic role of Lady Goldfist in Finger Bang and had an …

VIDEO: Watch A Frog Licking An iPhone! (Twist Ending!)

A week ago, I posted a video of a lizard playing “Ant Crusher,” a game that implores users to crush ants (hence the name “Ant Crusher”). Now comes a response of sorts: it’s an African bullfrog playing the same game. Things don’t end so nicely though… Via The Daily What

Happy Holidays From B-Side Blog! Now Watch This Santa Video

It’s the Holidays, and I’ve officially relocated from my sunny corner of Los Angeles to the cold, windy domain of my parents’ home in New York for the week. As such, my blogging will be a bit slower for the next several days, but fear not: there will be content. On deck is a post …