When it comes to acting reels, perhaps none is as impressive as that of Dawna Lee Heising, a visionary actress, model, and producer who’s starred in such films as Forbidden Warrior, The Alien’s Wife, and the upcoming Waiting for Dracula. Dawna also inhabited the iconic role of Lady Goldfist in Finger Bang and had an uncredited cameo as “Showgirl” in Blade Runner.

In addition to her cinematic work, Dawna produces the infotainment web series “Eye on Entertainment,” which should be viewed if only for its pseudo-Goldeneye theme song (example after the jump).

Nevertheless, Dawna’s acting reel, above, is a sight to behold. I encourage everyone to watch it.

This is not a parody.

After the jump, two more clips including an installment of “Eye on Entertainment.” Amazing in so many ways (and no, the theme song was not pulled from a discarded Maya Rudolph skit on SNL).

Eye on Entertainment

Several takes of Dawna introducing something called “Monster Madhouse.”

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  1. She looks like the lovechild of LaToya Jackson and that weird bug eyed blonde from ANTM.

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