VIDEO: ‘Downton Arby’s’ Is By Far The Best ‘Downton Abbey’ Parody Yet

I love me some Downton Abbey, and we’ve seen some spirited parodies over the past few months, including a rather funny, if overlong, video featuring various British comics and Kim Catrall (“Uptown Downstairs Abbey“). To me though, the best of the lot comes from that hallowed epicenter of comedy‚Ķ Yahoo? Yup, Yahoo! apparently now has some sketch comedy thing it does, and I have to say, if they’re all like this parody — amusingly titled Downton Arby’s — we’re in for some good times. Good actors, good writing, good editing — it’s as if someone found the calling to be USEFUL, as Isobel might say.


Thanks to NEIL for the heads up.

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