Boardwalk Empire star and notable Hollywood mess Paz De La Huerta dropped by VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live this AM, and I’m proud to report the interview was just as awkward as one could imagine. There were no nip slips or drunken rants, but plenty of deafening silences and pretentious observations — the kind that had hostess Carrie Keagan smiling and nodding aggressively as if to hide an inner monologue that probably went something like “Holy crap. This is awful. What do I do? Why am I doing this? Where has my life taken me? Is this what my career is? I want to be swimming with puffins in the morning and operating a loom at night.”

Nevertheless, it’s a strained interaction, to say the least.

Via Best Week Ever

3 replies on “Watch an Awkward Interview with Paz De La Huerta!”

  1. Since she’s been doing drugs with Wyland for years and now has some bit part in some HBO series, she thinks that she’s a star. She’s not. She’s a has been, even before it’s all over.

    Also her face isn’t exactly pretty. She’s a 2 or 3, on a good day. Maybe a 6 with serious makeup and sober.

  2. I now see that the character she plays on Boardwalk Empire is not a stretch at all. What a train wreck.

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