This just in! My spies out in the field have texted me this VERY pressing matter:

“Spotted: Ashley from NJ hwives at CVS on hwood n la brea being yelled at by security!!! (But they let her go. Dunno wha happened!)”

My friend went on to text that she had “bad cake makeup on.”

Dunh dunh DUNHHHH.

So it’s official: Ashley (or is it Ashlee) is here in LA and still a troublemaker. If only we knew what she had done to incur the wrath of CVS. We know one thing for sure: she’s probably wiping one invisible tear away from her eye with her index finger as we speak.

4 replies on “Ashley from ‘Real Housewives of NJ’ Gets In Dustup at Hollywood CVS”

  1. UGH! She is AWFUL, she’ was probably attempting a heist in the CVS makeup dept for more panstick and some charcoal briquettes for around her eyes. Moonface wants to follow on the steps of LILO –oh, disaster surprise!

  2. Jacquelyn and Chris probably decided they were better off to give her a crapload full of money and ship her off to California. I’d want her on the other side of the country if were her parent. Hopefully this means she won’t be gracing our tv’s for RHNJ Season 4.

  3. She could stay with her Dad but he’s in prison I think. Do you think she is still wearing her wool hats while in sunny CA?

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