Local independent TV station KCET has recently launched a web series titled Free Lunch, which treats commenters on kcet.org to — you guessed it — a free lunch in the area. I was lucky enough to participate in the series, and since my ol’ college friend Leah was in town, I invited her to join me for a wonderful meal at Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park, CA.

Elite specializes in delicious dim sum, and since Leah had never tried dim sum before, the experience was especially exciting for her. Needless to say, we ate like kings and left quite full.

Check out our video above…

8 replies on “VIDEO: B-Side Blog Visits Elite Restaurant for KCET’s ‘Free Lunch’ Series”

  1. Excellent video, Ben. The food looks fantastic.
    But they have only a “B” rating? (I saw it on the door) What could be keeping them from an “A” rating?

  2. We actually ate at 2:30, so it was more of a late brunch I guess?

    And a “B” rating is really a sign of A+ flavor when it comes to ethnic haunts in LA.

  3. I’ve never had dim sum before either, but this food looked great! I’m with Leah on the durian though. Durian fruit is the local delicacy for wild orangutans. I’ve tried it twice (fresh and chocolate-covered). Both times- YUCK! Never again bc it tasted like something died in my mouth and then the taste wouldn’t go away for hours (so that would ruin the whole meal for me).

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